Thank You To:

I have to say Thank You to a few people. So here is the list.

Hillary: For being the amazing LADY in Lady A. You are one true amazing person with so much love for other people. You sing like an angel and care so much about your fans. We love you to. Thank you for many wonderful lyrics and the way you sing them.

Charles: For also being amazing. For caring for other people and for cheering us fans up with all your Lady Haze and all the burst out songs in the Webisodes. Thank you for caring for your fans, for wonderful lyrics and for singing them to us. Making good music.

Dave: You are also so amazing. Thank you for all the webisodes you make us laugh and for getting us to be just as good as you on a guitar or a piano. For being out and about saying hello to fans with your Dave camera. For caring for us fans, making wonderfull music and lyrics.

Mia Quinn: The go-to-gal for everything Lady A. We fans love and adore you for being so nice to us. For keeping up with us on Twitter and on Lady A official. We couldn’t ask for a more dedicated go-to-gal. WE LOVE YOU. And thanks for tweeting with us fans.

Jill Ferris: Because you are you. You are one amazing human being and thank you for taking time to tweet with LadyAers on Twitter. Love and adore you, ‘cos you are such a beautiful person. WE LOVE YOU!

ClubLaBellum: For giving us fan the inside information of behind the scenes with Lady Antebellum. We LOVE you.

The Lady Aers: The fans, the dedicated wonderful new friends I’ve found on Twitter/ You guys are so incredible and Lady Antebellum is three lukcy people having fans like you. All of you are so nice and keeping a fan in Norway updated on everything.

Lipton: For making all the wonderful Lady Antebellum commercials, and for also taking a part in their fans twitter. GO LIPTON!


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