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September 29, 2013

Monday September 30th there’ll be a Facebook Chat Session with Lady Antebellum. Time is 2pm Central (That is 21:00 Norwegian time and 20:00 U.K. time) if I’m not completely wrong. There’s going to be a BIG announcement as well, so be in Facebook in Monday in time.


I’m gonna be online in time! Hopefully you be as well. What can the big announcement be? I really hope there’s a European tour they are going to announce. Fingers crossed, anyway Lady Antebellum announcements are always exciting.

Here is also the Webisode Wednesday:

Hope everyone is tuning in on Facebook tomorrow!




Baby & Golfing…

June 30, 2013

Last show before Hillary have her baby girl, next show they play she’ll be a mom. Good luck Hillary, we love you and wish you all well. This webisode made me cry. Their friendship is absolutely so amazing.

Charles gives you golfing advice either you want it or not:

Take a minute:

July is near and it’s not long until Hillary has her baby. We can hardly wait.



New Website and singing in the shower..

May 27, 2013

There’s NO doubt that these three people can sing, and there is no doubt that they might have the best harmonies in music history. At least I think so, just hear them practice a little bit in the shower before the Tim McGraw Superstar Summernight taping.

There’s also a BRAN new look on Lady Antebellum official website. It’s so gorgeous so you need to go in and have a look. If you are not registered there yet, you got the chance to do so, just surf by and check it out. Be a part of the fan club.


Hillary is taking pregnancy really well…

May 20, 2013

Last weeks Webisode Wednesday made me laugh so hard I fell on the floor. And it still makes me laugh a lot watching it, especially towards the end, just watch.

Lady Antebellum performed at the Tim McGraw Superstar Summer Night last night, and here is just a little video of what their charity of choice for the $10,000 ACM Lifting Lives donation given on their behalf. It goes to LadyAID.

Here is also a video of Lady Antebellum covering Bruno Mars: Locked out of heaven on iHeart radio.

Today Lady Antebellum is in Toronto for a free concert for the Canadian National Day. Two of my Lady A friends are going, so Ariane and Aliyah, have so much fun ❤


GOLDEN is the roll your windows down kind of record…

April 3, 2013

In this weeks Webisode Wednesday Hillary, Charles and Dave talk about their upcoming album #GOLDEN. I’m so ready to make this album my summer jam!

1. Get To Me
(Hillary Lindsey and James Slater)
2. Goodbye Town
(Charles, Hillary, Dave, and Josh Kear)
3. Nothin’ Like The First Time
(Sarah Buxton, Jedd Hughes, Hillary Lindsey)
4. Downtown
(Natalie Hemby, Luke Laird, Shane McAnally)
5. Better Off Now (That You’re Gone)
(Will Hoge and Brian Layson)
6. It Ain’t Pretty
(Nicolle Gaylon and Eric Paslay)
7. Can’t Stand The Rain
(Charles, Hillary, Dave, and Josh Kear)
8. Golden
(Charles, Hillary, Dave, and Eric Paslay)
9. Long Teenage Goodbye
(Charles, Dave, Hillary, and Hillary Lindsey)
10. All For Love
(Charles, Dave, Hillary, Dennis, Clint, Slim, Jonathon, Chris)
11. Better Man
(Charles, Dave, Dennis, Slim, Jonathon, Clint)
12. Generation Away
(Charles, Hillary, Dave, Brad and Brett Warren)

Thank you to Lady Antebellum Fans for the info on tracklist writers.


Get behind the scenes

March 13, 2013

In this weeks Webisode Wednesday we get behind the scenes with our loveliest Lady Antebellum. It’s fun and this is why we love them, for being themselves and just hilarious! BTW again CK and Dave are rocking those uniforms! And thumps up for Hillary busting the windshield of the Police car on the first hit….PREGNANT!

ENJOY these wonderful people!