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Christmas DVD, ELLEN & New Fan Club…

October 22, 2013

Today Lady Antebellum is giving a special announcement on E! News tonight at 7 & 11:30! Who’s watching? I’m sorry but I don’t know what time this is European, I dare say 1am Norway and 2am UK..or 1am UK and 2am Norwegian time, I’m not sure but I bet we will be introduced to the news as soon as it’s out. We are excited to know.

Today Ashely Mann, a music blogger could share the news that “On This Winter’s Night” event that went down in Nashville last year is being released to a dvd! This is such good news for us fans who didn’t get to see their amazing Christmas concert live. Read more about the dvd HERE.

Lady Antebellum was also on ELLEN SHOW today, Hillary showing off some new pictures of the gorgeous little baby Eisele Kaye and talking about the upcoming Golden Deluxe album. This was also their FIRST LIVE performance of “Compass”. I’m so proud of them, they did so well!. Watch Ellen talk to Lady Antebellum here and watch them sing “Compass” here.

It was also an acoustic performance of “Compass” in last weeks Webisode Wednesday, this is such a great song.

Dave and Charles also had a guest appearance at the Luke Bryan concert in Nashville October 18 on Bridgestone Arena. It was so funny. Charles also got a pair of panties which he placed in his pocket!

There’s also some changed made to the Lady Antebellum Fan Club on . It will become a paying fan club again. The points we earned in the last fan club has given most of us the VIP membership already, but for those who didn’t earn enough points do get their chance to pay for the VIP membership or another membership when the website re-lauches November 1st.



Baby, ACM and Downtown…

April 12, 2013

All in this weeks webisode Wednesday! And HOW BEAUTIFUL was Hillary? She looked so stunning! And the guys look charming.



Our beloved Hillary was also interviewed recently on BBS, HERE is the link:

ALSO, Lady Antebellum is performing their single “Goodbye Town” from their upcoming album GOLDEN the Tim McGraw concert May 19th on CBS. HERE is the song and it’s AMAZING:

If you didn’t get to see their performance at the ACMs this year, here it is and it’s flawless, just look at Charles touching Hillary’s baby bump in the end, how precious.

Not to mentione Lady Antebellum getting a fun joke from this year’s ACM’s hosts Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton. It’s so funny I laughed out loud. 3 minutes in and BAM hahaha.

ENJOY all this!

ALSO a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to my friend @ladyaer12 SARA who WON tickets to see Lady Antebellum in Nashville 17th of April.. I MEAN SHE IS THE LUCKIEST GIRL in the WORLD! Have fun sweetie!.