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Baby, ACM and Downtown…

April 12, 2013

All in this weeks webisode Wednesday! And HOW BEAUTIFUL was Hillary? She looked so stunning! And the guys look charming.



Our beloved Hillary was also interviewed recently on BBS, HERE is the link:

ALSO, Lady Antebellum is performing their single “Goodbye Town” from their upcoming album GOLDEN the Tim McGraw concert May 19th on CBS. HERE is the song and it’s AMAZING:

If you didn’t get to see their performance at the ACMs this year, here it is and it’s flawless, just look at Charles touching Hillary’s baby bump in the end, how precious.

Not to mentione Lady Antebellum getting a fun joke from this year’s ACM’s hosts Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton. It’s so funny I laughed out loud. 3 minutes in and BAM hahaha.

ENJOY all this!

ALSO a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to my friend @ladyaer12 SARA who WON tickets to see Lady Antebellum in Nashville 17th of April.. I MEAN SHE IS THE LUCKIEST GIRL in the WORLD! Have fun sweetie!.



Get behind the scenes

March 13, 2013

In this weeks Webisode Wednesday we get behind the scenes with our loveliest Lady Antebellum. It’s fun and this is why we love them, for being themselves and just hilarious! BTW again CK and Dave are rocking those uniforms! And thumps up for Hillary busting the windshield of the Police car on the first hit….PREGNANT!

ENJOY these wonderful people!




If you give a police car window a smash, you’ll be arrested by Garcia & Cash #Downtown

March 7, 2013



Tuesday we managed to hit 1 Million Lady Aers on twitter, that is: Lady Antebellum gained 1 Million followers on twitter. We are 1 Million fans united! Congratulations to Lady Antebellum. So proud of them. We tried to trend #1millionLadyAers on twitter but we didn’t make it… let’s try again soon.

Yesterday we tried to trend 1 Million Lady Aers again, but didn’t make it, let’s try again. We got this new awsome webisode were they sing “Downtown” with the writers of the songs. Hillary is rocking her baby bump and looking more stunning than ever.

Hillary is also sounding so good live!
We also FINALLY got the premiere of their official music video of Downtown and this is their best video YET! It’s so hilarious and after watching it like a 100 times today I still notice more things about it that is even more hilarious. They have Beth Behrs with them, from 2 Broke Girls. She is freakin’ awsome. Just enjoy the video HERE. There is also an interview with them HERE.

ENJOY. I promise to post more pictures from the Downtown video soon.


Webisode Wednesday with Lady A

February 27, 2013

In this weeks webisode we get to hear a little bit of the song “Golden” which is like the perfect song and the title of the new album coming May 7th, 69 days left people!

I just love these guys so much!

Also news is that Chris Tyrrell, Lady Antebellum’s drummer and Hillary’s sexy husband is mentioned in Taste Of Country as Hottest Country Star Spouses, that was about time, like seriously he is really hot. Read it HERE.

Cassie (Charles wife) is also mentioned HERE. Why Kelli (Dave’s wife) isn’t mentioned is a mystery, because she is so sweet as well.


All they need is a coffee pot..

February 26, 2013

The Webisode last week was one awsome acoustic version of “Downtown”. This just show’s how wonderful these people actually are and that they really can sing! And CLUB LA BELLUM IS BACK!! Love it!

Yesterday, Charle’s wife Cassie turned 30, she had a beautiful blogpost about how it is to turn 30 and she wrote some beautiful things about her husband, read it here at her blog WOMANISTA.

Yesterday was also the 4 year anniversary of when Lady Antebellum wrote “Need You Now”, the song that almost didn’t make the album but won them 5 Grammy awards, 3 ACM awards, 1 CMA award, 1 CMT award, 1 Teen Choice Award, 3 ACA awards, and one Billboard Award. It’s a very special song to me, because this song made me fall completely in love with them all, summer of 2010, I can remember it like it was yesterday!

Let’s take a look at the music video of the song we all love:

Charles, Dave and Hillary, thank you SO much for putting this song on the album and make it the first single of the album “Need You Now”, it has changed my life becoming fans of you!



February 3, 2013

A lot is going on, Lady Antebellum has been in Los Angeles and taped the CMT Crossroads with Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac. Can’t wait for it to be shown, here are the songs they performed together:
“Love Don’t Live Here”
“Need You Now”
“Cold as Stone”
“Just a Kiss”
“Gold Dust Woman”
“Edge of Seventeen”
“Stop Dragging My Heart Around”

And here is a videoclip on youtube of them singing “GOLDEN” which is a new Lady Antebellum song: HERE.

More exciting news is that Hillary is appearing on American “The Voice” as a mentor together with Adam Levine from Maroon 5, read more about that HERE.

More news is: Lady A Announced As One Of The Performers At First Annual Taste Of Country Music Festival – Fan Club Members Have Access To Presale Tickets! Read more about that HERE.

Then, a new proud #LadyAerMoment: Lady A’s Lead Single Downtown Marks Highest Career Chart Debut. Are we proud or are we proud of these three amazing human beings?? I know I am.

Then, the last webisode was the official Lyric video for “Downtown”, this weeks webisode is a behind the scenes of “Downtown” recording. It’s so great, this is why we love these people, all the funny things they do. And how dedicated they are to share like everything with their fans:

Here is also a video of Hillary talking about her pregnancy:) I’m so excited for her.


Lots of exciting news. Sorry for not updating this week but I’ve been a little busy.

AND, to not forget, Lady Antebellum performed their new single “Downtown” on Jay Leno and they were AMAZING!