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THIS IS Eisele Kaye!

October 15, 2013


Hillary tweeted this picture from her twitter account yesterday with the text: Taking a break at rehearsals…LOVING my new normal & our little family! I swear my timeline of Lady Aers just went over the top with excitement when she posted it on her twitter and her instagram accounts. It’s so precious and it’s really the first real glimse we got of Eisele Kaye. THEN:


After 84 days we finally got a real picture of miss Eisele Kaye. This was also posted on Hillary’s twitter and instagram with the text: Hello World, my name is Eisele Kaye. She is so perfect and we all see she has got her mom’s eyes, no doubt she has her beauty from both her mom and dad. Talk about bundle of joy! She looks so precious and I bet she is a good baby. I just want to say congratulations ONCE again to Chris and Hillary with ehm job well done?? Haha, no with the gorgeous little princess. Can’t wait to watch her grow up. She is already very loved by the Lady Aer family. And yeah, this picture TOATLLY blew up my twitter timeline.

More news is Lady Antebellum’s new single “Compass” which is one awsome song. The lyrics are amazing and the harmonies of their voices once again make us Lady Aers fall in love (like we don’t fall in love with them again every 2 seconds right?). They are also releasing a GOLDEN DELUXE version. It includes 6 more tracks:

“And The Radio Played”
“Life As We Know It”
“Need You Now” (an iTunes Live Session Performance)
“Just A Kiss” (backstage acoustic session)
“I Run To You” (an iTunes Live Session Performance)

You can order either a physical copy or a digital copy of it HERE. It’s not out yet, it’s out NOVEMBER 12th 2013.

Lyric video for compass is out, so learn them and love them:

Also news is that Lady Antebellum WILL NOT be touring from November 8th 2013. They have postpone their first leg of the tour to January 2014. The reason is low ticket sale. I know LOTS of Lady Aers got really angry, but seriously. The tour is NOT cancelled and they are touring. STOP and THINK Lady Aers: Hillary just became a mom, only 3 months ago, she needs time to BE a mom and adjust to the new little human in her life, the new boss in her life. And it’s better to start touring when she is a little bit more than just 4 months AND we all want them to come back to the tour life with full house sold out arenas don’t we? YES we do, so STOP whining about it. It could be worse, they could have been canceling the whole tour… but they didn’t. Again, show some respect, they do SO MUCH for us fans!! Let us just at least be patient back. Also it gives them time to write some new songs, we all do wish for a new album right? READ THE WHOLE MESSAGE HERE.




October 26, 2012

One of Hillary Scott Tyrrell heart organizations is myLIFEspeaks, I love her for being a part of it and how she get us Lady Aers a part of it. I love how she is so kind hearted and how dedicated she is. This is really one of the reasons why Hillary truly is a healthy and wonderful role model for young girls/women all around.

Hillary Scott SPEAKS UP

Our very special friend, Hillary Scott, shares how Haiti has changed her. You might recognize her from the multi Grammy winning group, Lady Antebellum, but we simply call her a LIFE Voice. Hillary is the catalyst that helped get myLIFEspeaks started by asking Missy Wilson, “Why can’t we do something to help children in Haiti with Special Needs?” From that moment standing on a balcony in the mountains outside of Port au Prince, Hillary knew Haiti would somehow be a part of her LIFE. We hope you’ll watch this and see how special this young lady truly is.

Watch the new myLIFEspeaks short film HERE it’s so inspiring! Also hear Hillary talk about myLIFEspeaks, it truly get me wanting to go to Neply/Haiti and do something that really matters!

She has got fame, she has an voice of an Angel, she gets to travel the world, but what is her heart closest is those who isn’t that fortunante, how unselfish is that?

Three words: I LOVE HILLARY! She is my role model and with a good reason. I wish myLIFEspeaks had a program in Norway where people from Norway also can get involved helping the population in Haiti in this amazing way! God’s work matters!

THEN, Hillary tweeted a picture of her lovely family, Hobbs, Baker and her husband Chris. The wonderful family Tyrrell 😉

Anyone else inspired by Hillary?


Owned The Night in Stockholm # 3 Pictures.

July 31, 2012

I just remembered they also sang “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” as well. If ANYONE who where at the Stockholm concert remembers the set-list, please e-mail me at ladyateamnorway @ please.

So, here comes a picture spam, of what I got. As I said, the security guard really hated me, so I didn’t get as much pictures as I wanted, but I’m sharing what I have. Don’t hate me for not getting much pictures and not filming much. NOT MY FAULT. I didn’t even get to hold my posters or the seriously. Not all pictures are very clear. But the clearest is with my new camera. Got some Chillary pictures and some good Charles ones.


Love these people

HOT man

Ghost picture…


Chillary moment #1

did I say HOT man?

Chillary moment #2

Chillary #3

Chillary #4

Yeap, more Chillary #5

Like the most beautiful lady in country music.

More Chillary #6

As You Turn Away ❤

Do we need say more? Chillary #7

Oh yeah, it’s Charles Kelley.

Three of the most talented, genuine, beautiful and awsome people in the whole wide world.

Slim and Hillary moment!

I LOVE these three people so much ❤


Not to brag, but this picture is kinda awsome.. especially for those Charles Kelley fans out there. Fangirl!

One really sexy Dave Haywood!!

The warm-up, mr Jaime Meyer



I will try to set together what I filmed in a little YouTube movie, but need some time to fix that so be patient. Hope you like the pictures.