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Compass video is out!

December 11, 2013

American Country Awards 2013 - Arrivals

First of all: Congratulations to Lady Antebellum on winning “Group Of The Year” and “Single Of The Year” for “Downtown” at the American Country Awards yesterday! I’m such a proud fan! Lady Antebellum also got the award for “Best Country Duo or Group” at the American Music Awards a little while back. (I know I’ve been really bad with updating and i PROMISE to be better in 2014! Like really!). So proud to call myself a fan of these three amazing people. How awsome do they look? Yeah I know right, flawless humans! And Hillary’s dress is to die for! Charles and Dave look handsome!

They performed their new single “Compass” and it was so amazing!








American Country Awards 2013 - Press RoomThe music video for “Compass” is also out and it’s amazing! Looks like a lot of fun being a part of it all!

Please, visit and register for a VIP or Digital Membership. And to be updated on their “Take Me Downtown Tour 2014”.

-Veronica (who will promise to be better at updating from now on).




September 29, 2013

Monday September 30th there’ll be a Facebook Chat Session with Lady Antebellum. Time is 2pm Central (That is 21:00 Norwegian time and 20:00 U.K. time) if I’m not completely wrong. There’s going to be a BIG announcement as well, so be in Facebook in Monday in time.


I’m gonna be online in time! Hopefully you be as well. What can the big announcement be? I really hope there’s a European tour they are going to announce. Fingers crossed, anyway Lady Antebellum announcements are always exciting.

Here is also the Webisode Wednesday:

Hope everyone is tuning in on Facebook tomorrow!




August 7, 2013

Webisode Wednesday is here, finally! Uncle Dave and  Uncle Charles has done some radio Interviews and they talk about little baby Eisele Kaye. They also talk about their new upcoming tour, which starts November 8 2013. Get it in this weeks webisode:

Hillary also tweeted this photo with this text:


“It’s only been 14 days, and already my mind can’t comprehend life before her…and every day my heart finds a new way to overflow with love for her”

Follow Hillary’s Instagram here:



Eisele Kaye is here…

August 4, 2013

Two weeks ago, July 22nd 2013 Hillary had her baby girl and they named her Eisele Kaye (pronounced Eyes-Lee), which is Chris mother’s maiden name (Eisele) and Hillary’s mother’s middle name (Kaye). Lady A Team Norway is a little late to announce this, but worpdress hasn’t been nice to me and claimed I didn’t type the right password to my blog. BUT now I’m posting it: Little Eisele Kaye was 7 pounds 13 ounces and she was born in Nashville, yes the same day as the Royal Baby of United Kingdom.


Hillay tweeted the picture of Eisele little feet. SO adoreble. Follow Hillary’s twitter on @hillaryscottla

Lady Antebellum also announced their first set of Take Me Downtown Tour along with Kip Moore and Kacey Musgraves.

The dates are already out on Lady Antebellum’s official website: If you are in the U.S.A you a pretty lucky. Hopefully the nest set of tour dates includes Europe, but the patient fans we are we know Hillary has just got her baby girl and we know she has to get all settled as a mom before taking little Eisele Kaye on longer trips and on airplanes. But, we hope they come to Europe soon because we do miss them.

Even though Webisode Wednesdays and Lady Antebellum tour is on hiatus until November 8th, the “crazyness” continues with Charles and Dave’s  brialliance of ideas. Just read here:

It’s here, let’s celebrate…

May 11, 2013

This weeks webisode and a very funny close up serinade by Lady Antebellum.

Sara’s Lady Antebellum Experience!

April 19, 2013

The LOVELY Sara were lucky to win tickets to Lady Antebellum intimate concert Sirius XM. She is actually one of the first, if not the very first LadyAer I got to know on twitter and she is one of the sweetest around. She is sharing her once in a lifetime lucky experience with us. Thank you Sara;)

If you want to share your concert story here just e-mail ladyateamnorway (at) gmail (dot) com 


So basically, April 17, 2013 was the best day of of my life. About a week before the 17th, I entered a contest to win two tickets to an intimate Sirius XM radio show and a meet & greet with Lady A in Nashville. I never thought that I had any chance of winning but I entered anyway. Flash forward to the Friday before show, I checked my email to discover that I had in fact won the contest!! I was in complete shock at first but soon it sunk in and I had to find a way to get to Nashville by the following Wednesday. Since I live pretty far away from Nashville, I was fearful that this wouldn’t be able to happen. After I got home, I told my mom and after she digested the information, which took a little time, we began searching for flights down to Nashville. We booked a flight that left from Manchester, NH at 6 am on Wednesday morning. Thankfully, my spring break was the week of the show so I didn’t have to miss any school and I have family in the Nashville area so we didn’t have to worry about finding a hotel either. When the 17th finally arrived, I woke up at 2am, which is dedication right there, got ready, and headed for the airport!!! The first flight went well, but we had a stop-over in Washington DC. The flight from DC to Nashville was delayed, which was nerve wracking but once we finally took off, the flight went great and we arrived in Nashville with plenty of time!

Once we got to Nashville, my mom and I got a car and headed into the city. First we found where the show would be and then we had a few hours to anxiously wait till the show started. We got lunch and walked around Broadway.Nashville’s just a really amazing city!! Anyways, once 2:30 finally arrived, we went back to where the show would be to pick up our tickets and waited in line for about 20 minutes. While in line, we could hear Lady A practicing!!! That’s when it really hit me. I was about to see my three favorite people in the world again!!! Then a woman from Sirius XM started taking people up to the theater. She took about 12 people in the elevator at a time. My mom and I managed to be the last ones on, in the first trip up, so we were the first off and the first to enter the theater, so of course we sat in the front! Before the show started, Chris came out and looked at something on the drums. I just have to say he is so much hotter up close!! Holy crap!! After a few more minutes Lady A finally came out!! They were literally like 2 feet away from me! It was crazy!! Dave sat right in front of me, Charles was in the middle, and Hillary on the other end!! Hillary looked so cute with her baby bump!!! They started the show with Downtown and then sang I Run To You! After that they answered a few questions from other fans. The three of them were just really loose and funny and down to earth! It was amazing to see. Next they sang It Ain’t Pretty from Golden! Now, Hillary always sounds amazing but I don’t think I have ever heard her sing that flawlessly before. She had so much emotion and it was just perfect. I almost cried. Next, they sang Need You Now and that was perfect as always too! After NYN, Storme Warren, who’s a deejay on The Highway, Sirius XM’s new country station asked Lady A some questions. I’ve always loved Storme and he was really cool in person too! After the questions they sang two more songs. First was Golden and then Goodbye Town!! Those were both perfect! During Goodbye Town, they had their band singing in the background which was funny. They show portion of the day was absolutely amazing! Lady A joked around and they acted like normal people, which didn’t surprise me at all!! It made me love them even more if that was even possible.

After the show, it was time for the meet & greets!! They were really rushed so I didn’t get to say much to Lady A but it was still amazing! When I walked up to them, Charles said, “Hi sweetheart”, and I almost had a heart attack! He stuck his hand out for me to shake it but I ignored it and just hugged him! I then went and hugged Hillary and then Dave!! Ahhhh!! Then we took the picture, and Hillary said something like “Have a good day” or something.. I was still in shock so I don’t remember completely! After that we went back down and talked to two girls who had also been there for a few minutes. They were really nice! When my mom and I went back outside, we ran into Slim and told him he did a great job. He seemed wicked nice too! So that was basically my April 17th! As I’m writing this I’m still having a hard time believing that that all happened to me! I really feel blessed that I was given that amazing opportunity and even though it was super short, it was beyond worth traveling down from Massachusetts! Whew! If you read that all, thank you!! And shout out to Veronica, and my Lady Aer family who all seemed as excited for me as I was! I love all of y’all. I love being a Lady Aer and I love Lady Antebellum with all my heart!! =)

-Sara ❤