Hillary Scott Tyrrell

Name: Hillary Dawn Scott Tyrrell
Born: April 1, 1986
From: Nashville, Tennessee
Occupation: Singer-Songwriter
“The Lady in Antebellum” 

Quick Facts:
* She is the daughter of Country-singer Linda Davis and Lang Scott.
* She auditioned for American Idol twice, but didn’t get through.
* She met Charles Kelley at a Nashville bar and complimented him on his music on MySpace, which led to they writing together. Charles Kelleys friend Dave Haywood also joined them. The trio started to write together and then formed Lady Antebellum.
* Hillary married drummer Chris Tyrrell January 7, 2012 after being engaged since July 2 2011.
* She sings background vocals on Luke Bryan’s song “Do I”.
* She sings on “Out Of Goodbyes” with Maroon 5 together with Dave and Charles.
* She co-wrote “A Little Bit Stronger” which became a huge hit with country-singer Sara Evans, the song has also been used in the movie “Country Strong”.
*She got her own twitter account, follow her on @HillaryScottLA.
*She’s got two beautiful dogs named Hobbs and Baker!
*She gave birth to the beautiful little girl Eisele Kaye July 22nd 2013.

Hillary and her dog Hobbs, borrowed from Hillarys twitter.


Hobbs is the “white” one and Baker is the little Golden girl. Both are from the breed Miniature Golden Doodle


Eisele Kaye Tyrrell 84 days old


Veronica about Hillary:

When I heard her sing I was breathtaken about her voice, because it is so flawless. I thought she was a bit older than me, but she is born the same year as I am (only 5 months and 4 days older than me). After seing Webisodes Wednesdays and lots of videos on YouTube of Lady Antebellum I thought: FINALLY a healty, normal and beautiful girl all girls can have as a role model. She seems so down to earth and she has curves like a real woman. She is adoreble and she seems so happy all the time. Beauty comes from the inside, but Hillary has both, beauty on the outside and the inside. There are so many un-healty female singers out there that girls look up to, then Hillary comes a long looking like a real woman and I sure hope that someday when I have kids of my own, and it is girls, I sure hope they choose Hillary as their role model. She is also involved in charity. I think Hillary is amazing and even though we’re the same age, I look up to her.

“Faith, hope, and love are stronger and more powerful than any obstacle you will ever face in your life. Those things can give you the ability, and courage to overcome anything! Hold onto those three things like your life depends on it, because, the QUALITY of your life and, the person you are on the inside, does depend on it.”
-Hillary Scott Tyrrell, Lady Antebellum


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