Here’s the list of the European Tour dates in 2012. Let’s hope Lady Antebellum comes back in 2014.

2012: Own The Night Tour, Europe Dates.

10th July 2012: Dublin, Ireland, TICKETS HERE.
11th July 2012: Dublin, Ireland, ?
13th July 2012: Glasgow, UK, TICKETS HERE.
14th July 2012: London, England, TICKETS HERE.
15th July 2012: Manchester, England, TICKETS HERE.
16th July 2012: London, England, TICKETS HERE.
18th July 2012: Essen, Germany, TICKETS HERE.
19th July 2012: Zurich, Switzerland, TICKETS HERE.
20th July 2012: Frankfurt, Germany, TICKETS HERE.
21th July 2012: Munich, Germany, TICKETS HERE.
23rd July 2012: Copenhagen, Denmark, TICKETS HERE.
24th July 2012: Gotenburg, Sweden, TICKETS HERE.
26th July 2012: Selijord, NORWAY, TICKETS HERE.
27th July 2012: Stockholm, Sweden, TICKETS HERENote: the concert is moved from Solliden-Skansen to Cirkus. The tickets you have bought for Solliden-Skansen still can be used as standing-tickets.


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