Dave Haywood

Name: David Wesley Haywood (Dave)
Born: July 5, 1982
From: Augusta, Georgia
Occupation: Singer-Songwriter
“One of the guys in Lady Antebellum”

Quick Facts:
* He plays piano and guitar
* He created the first Lady A website
* He played in a jazzband with Charles brother and singer Josh Kelley
* He wrote the song “Do I” along with Charles and Luke Bryan
* He got married to Kelli Cashiola April 14th 2012
* He quit his job in Georgia to come to Nashville to write songs with Charles, and then Hillary was asked to join and then later on they created Lady Antebellum together


Veronica about Dave:

There is no man that looks as good as Dave with a red guitar. He seems to jme like a down to earth kinda guy with a good sense of humor. I really love him in the Webisodes Wednesdays. I love how he talks about Hillary and Charles and I love the way he appriciate his fans. Gotta love Dave Haywood, and gotta love it when he joins Charles and Hillary singing.


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