Charles Kelley

Name: Charles Burgess Kelley
Born: September 11 1981
From: Augusta, Georgia
Occupation: Singer-Songwriter
“One of the guys in Lady Antbellum”

Quick Facts:
* He started his musical career when he was 11
* His older brother is Josh Kelley
* Charles meet Dave in middle school and they wrote their first song when they where 14.
* He meet Hillary in a bar in Nashwille where she complimented him on his music she heard on MySpace. He invited her to write songs with him and Dave, later they became Lady Antebellum.
* He wrote “Do I” with Dave and Luke Bryan, which was on Lukes album “Doin’ My Thing”.
* He writes almost all the Lady Antebellum songs together with Dave and Hillary
* He also plays guitar.
* He is married to Cassie McConnell.
* He is Kathrine Heigls brother in-law.
* He owns a Harley.


Veronica about Charles:

I think Charles has the most sexy voice ever. He seems like a fun guy to be with and down to earth like the others. He is so there when they are on stage and I love that. He is probably one of the hottest country-guys around. I love his Lady Haze songs and they way he is always singing something in the Webisodes Wednesday. He also sounds so good together with Hillary in their harmonies.


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