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Kick Off 2014…

January 21, 2014

Does this actually mean we get a World Your or is the gorgeous little Princess Eisele Kaye just teasing us?

So, January 10th Lady Antebellum kicked off their tour and now they are meeting sold out arenas. I’m so proud of them and I wish I was able to go to USA and go to at least 4 concerts. Let’s just cross fingers they take the #TakeMeDowntownTour Word wide this time. Because us European fans can hardly wait anymore right?. The your dates of Lady Antebellum you can see here. They also added some more dates the other day, read more about that here.

Check out Hillary’s own Instagram account for cuteness overload baby pictures AND video of the gorgeous little Eisele Kaye. She is stunning! hillaryscottla is the name.




THIS IS Eisele Kaye!

October 15, 2013


Hillary tweeted this picture from her twitter account yesterday with the text: Taking a break at rehearsals…LOVING my new normal & our little family! I swear my timeline of Lady Aers just went over the top with excitement when she posted it on her twitter and her instagram accounts. It’s so precious and it’s really the first real glimse we got of Eisele Kaye. THEN:


After 84 days we finally got a real picture of miss Eisele Kaye. This was also posted on Hillary’s twitter and instagram with the text: Hello World, my name is Eisele Kaye. She is so perfect and we all see she has got her mom’s eyes, no doubt she has her beauty from both her mom and dad. Talk about bundle of joy! She looks so precious and I bet she is a good baby. I just want to say congratulations ONCE again to Chris and Hillary with ehm job well done?? Haha, no with the gorgeous little princess. Can’t wait to watch her grow up. She is already very loved by the Lady Aer family. And yeah, this picture TOATLLY blew up my twitter timeline.

More news is Lady Antebellum’s new single “Compass” which is one awsome song. The lyrics are amazing and the harmonies of their voices once again make us Lady Aers fall in love (like we don’t fall in love with them again every 2 seconds right?). They are also releasing a GOLDEN DELUXE version. It includes 6 more tracks:

“And The Radio Played”
“Life As We Know It”
“Need You Now” (an iTunes Live Session Performance)
“Just A Kiss” (backstage acoustic session)
“I Run To You” (an iTunes Live Session Performance)

You can order either a physical copy or a digital copy of it HERE. It’s not out yet, it’s out NOVEMBER 12th 2013.

Lyric video for compass is out, so learn them and love them:

Also news is that Lady Antebellum WILL NOT be touring from November 8th 2013. They have postpone their first leg of the tour to January 2014. The reason is low ticket sale. I know LOTS of Lady Aers got really angry, but seriously. The tour is NOT cancelled and they are touring. STOP and THINK Lady Aers: Hillary just became a mom, only 3 months ago, she needs time to BE a mom and adjust to the new little human in her life, the new boss in her life. And it’s better to start touring when she is a little bit more than just 4 months AND we all want them to come back to the tour life with full house sold out arenas don’t we? YES we do, so STOP whining about it. It could be worse, they could have been canceling the whole tour… but they didn’t. Again, show some respect, they do SO MUCH for us fans!! Let us just at least be patient back. Also it gives them time to write some new songs, we all do wish for a new album right? READ THE WHOLE MESSAGE HERE.


Take Me Downtown Celebrity Tour Announcement..

September 8, 2013

Sorry for not blogging in a long time, but I’ve been really busy with lots of other things going on, so again I’m sorry. All the new webisodes is in Webisodes. New tour dates is also annouced, all in USA. As we see on the video under here Charles REALLY need to get back on the road. Half of my twitter timeline, which are female almost died of his “naked” stunt as Justin Bieber… so girls, be prepeard. All the dates you’ll find on Lady Antebellum’s official site.

I promise there’ll be more blogging soon. Hillary is still on meternity leave and we still haven’t got a picture of little Eisele. I wish them ALL the best still.



August 7, 2013

Webisode Wednesday is here, finally! Uncle Dave and  Uncle Charles has done some radio Interviews and they talk about little baby Eisele Kaye. They also talk about their new upcoming tour, which starts November 8 2013. Get it in this weeks webisode:

Hillary also tweeted this photo with this text:


“It’s only been 14 days, and already my mind can’t comprehend life before her…and every day my heart finds a new way to overflow with love for her”

Follow Hillary’s Instagram here:



Eisele Kaye is here…

August 4, 2013

Two weeks ago, July 22nd 2013 Hillary had her baby girl and they named her Eisele Kaye (pronounced Eyes-Lee), which is Chris mother’s maiden name (Eisele) and Hillary’s mother’s middle name (Kaye). Lady A Team Norway is a little late to announce this, but worpdress hasn’t been nice to me and claimed I didn’t type the right password to my blog. BUT now I’m posting it: Little Eisele Kaye was 7 pounds 13 ounces and she was born in Nashville, yes the same day as the Royal Baby of United Kingdom.


Hillay tweeted the picture of Eisele little feet. SO adoreble. Follow Hillary’s twitter on @hillaryscottla

Lady Antebellum also announced their first set of Take Me Downtown Tour along with Kip Moore and Kacey Musgraves.

The dates are already out on Lady Antebellum’s official website: If you are in the U.S.A you a pretty lucky. Hopefully the nest set of tour dates includes Europe, but the patient fans we are we know Hillary has just got her baby girl and we know she has to get all settled as a mom before taking little Eisele Kaye on longer trips and on airplanes. But, we hope they come to Europe soon because we do miss them.

Even though Webisode Wednesdays and Lady Antebellum tour is on hiatus until November 8th, the “crazyness” continues with Charles and Dave’s  brialliance of ideas. Just read here: