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May 19, 2014

Lyric video is out and the song is AMAZING!


May 20th….

May 14, 2014

Is the release date for the new Lady Antebellum single “BARTENDER” which is out on Radio now, but will be on iTunes May 20th 2014. And yes, it’s their first single from their 5th album! Can y’all believe it? A 5th album is on the way and this new single is AMAZING. Hillary has the lead and it has a little feeling of “Downtown” it’s just as sassy. Getting a little “getting ready to go out with my girls and have som fun” feeling of the song and nothing is better. Just love it and can’t wait to get it from iTunes and annoy my neighbours with it!  A lovley TUMBLR site has the whole song on it, recorded from Radio, listen to the song HERE.

So people, the leads Lady A has postet on twitter lately are lyrics for “BARTENDER”.



Compass video is out!

December 11, 2013

American Country Awards 2013 - Arrivals

First of all: Congratulations to Lady Antebellum on winning “Group Of The Year” and “Single Of The Year” for “Downtown” at the American Country Awards yesterday! I’m such a proud fan! Lady Antebellum also got the award for “Best Country Duo or Group” at the American Music Awards a little while back. (I know I’ve been really bad with updating and i PROMISE to be better in 2014! Like really!). So proud to call myself a fan of these three amazing people. How awsome do they look? Yeah I know right, flawless humans! And Hillary’s dress is to die for! Charles and Dave look handsome!

They performed their new single “Compass” and it was so amazing!








American Country Awards 2013 - Press RoomThe music video for “Compass” is also out and it’s amazing! Looks like a lot of fun being a part of it all!

Please, visit and register for a VIP or Digital Membership. And to be updated on their “Take Me Downtown Tour 2014”.

-Veronica (who will promise to be better at updating from now on).


Christmas DVD, ELLEN & New Fan Club…

October 22, 2013

Today Lady Antebellum is giving a special announcement on E! News tonight at 7 & 11:30! Who’s watching? I’m sorry but I don’t know what time this is European, I dare say 1am Norway and 2am UK..or 1am UK and 2am Norwegian time, I’m not sure but I bet we will be introduced to the news as soon as it’s out. We are excited to know.

Today Ashely Mann, a music blogger could share the news that “On This Winter’s Night” event that went down in Nashville last year is being released to a dvd! This is such good news for us fans who didn’t get to see their amazing Christmas concert live. Read more about the dvd HERE.

Lady Antebellum was also on ELLEN SHOW today, Hillary showing off some new pictures of the gorgeous little baby Eisele Kaye and talking about the upcoming Golden Deluxe album. This was also their FIRST LIVE performance of “Compass”. I’m so proud of them, they did so well!. Watch Ellen talk to Lady Antebellum here and watch them sing “Compass” here.

It was also an acoustic performance of “Compass” in last weeks Webisode Wednesday, this is such a great song.

Dave and Charles also had a guest appearance at the Luke Bryan concert in Nashville October 18 on Bridgestone Arena. It was so funny. Charles also got a pair of panties which he placed in his pocket!

There’s also some changed made to the Lady Antebellum Fan Club on . It will become a paying fan club again. The points we earned in the last fan club has given most of us the VIP membership already, but for those who didn’t earn enough points do get their chance to pay for the VIP membership or another membership when the website re-lauches November 1st.



May 7, 2013


It’s here, it’s out and it’s PERFECTION from the 1st song to the last one. Music and Lyrics is so well made and the vocals, harmonies and everything is done with such brilliance it shouldn’t be legal to be as amazing as Lady Antebellum. When they first deliver an album, they do it with style and this is their 4th album and it’s a good mix between their first album and the other albums. They are still keeping it country and we like it, more back to the roots as their first album. The whole album is what they say; a more roll down your windows and sing out loud songs and it’s so perfect for a road trip and on the beach summer time. Lady Antebellum has after my opinion done something most artists almost can’t manage and that is to make their 4th album just as good, if not even better than the other albums.

I just have to say: CONGRATULATIONS to Lady Antebellum on a job well done! I can’t wait to see you live in concert with these new songs.

Lady Antebellum has also been on ELLEN show today: Watch a clip from the show HERE. They have also been on Good Morning America and they are appearing on: Late Night With Jimmy Fallon TWO nights. Read more news on their webiste HERE.

There’s lyric for their songs out, here is the links to each song.

Get To Me

Goodbye Town

Nothing Like The First Time


Better Off (Now That You’re Gone)

It Ain’t Pretty

Can’t Stand The Rain


Long Teenage Goodbye

All For Love

Better Man

Generation Away

Also read Hillay’s interview with Womanista.




CK sings the crap out of it…

April 17, 2013

This weeks Webisode Wednesday is all about Goodbye Town, one of the coolest songs! Here is also the lyric video for the song and it’s beyond AWSOME! I’m so in love I don’t know where to hide my excitement. Just watch, and if you pre-order GOLDEN on iTunes you get Goodbye Town instantly.

And HOW AWSOME is it that the whole band is backup? Pretty cool.