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January 3, 2013


So, with all the wonderful Lady Antebellum memories most of us are leaving in 2012, some of us might have new memories and more memories in 2013. We have new music from Lady Antebellum coming up, well that is what Charles said. Hillary is having her baby and we are all excited over that (the true LadyAers are), more Webisode Wednesday’s, some of us got concerts to go to and for us who can’t get to a concert in 2013 are having a WHOLE year to save up to go to more concerts in 2014! So look at the bright side LadyAers, if we’re not able to attend to a Lady Antebellum concert this year, we might save up and go to two, even three or more in 2014. Always look at the bright side, which is what we need to do this new year. I know I can’t wait until Hillary and Chris has their baby, it’s so much fun having the first BabyBellum! Hillary is going to be such a wonderful mom and Chris a wonderful dad. And let’s face it, this kid is going to have the coolest uncles as well!

I really want to thank all you LadyAers on twitter which I got to know in 2012, I appriciate each and everyone of you and it’s nice to have someone to fangirl with when people around me doesn’t have a clue about Lady Antebellum or get tired of hearing about them. Thank you guys!

I want to thank Mia for all she does for us fans, she answer a billion questions I guess everyday and she is updating us on everything Lady Antebellum. Mia, you are amazing and we appreciate you!

Lady Antebellum for coming to Europe in 2012, I felt so lucky and I cried when I read that you were heading to Europe and I started my mission straight away to get tickets to either my own home country Norway, Denmark or Sweden. I was lucky and got tickets for Stockholm Sweden and I cried when I had ordered them. July 27 2012 will be a date I’ll never ever forget. I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be picked out for Meet & Greet, but I was so lucky I got one and my cousin and my friend got one and all three of us had a WONDERFUL time at the concert. AND meeting all of you was a dream come true, and thanks to Hillary who I met before the meet and greet, thanks for taking your time to talk to me, you are so wonderful. And sorry for totally staring at your husband, can’t help it! Sorry!

Jill, I don’t know where to start! I was just as excited to meet you as I was to meet Lady Antebellum. Thank you for all your inspiring tweets, words and all you do for us fans as well. Thank you for taking your time to talk to me after the concert! You are one of the most wonderful persons I’ve ever met. Thank you for being you! I really hope that you are a part of Lady Antebellum’s next tour as well! If not, we might just have to get that arranged:P

Alexis, one of the LadyAers who have become my best friend. Even though we live in different countries we’ve become such good friends and I appreciate your friendship. I love our Skype time, kik and twitter convos and so on. Thanks for being my friend! Hope we meet sometime and can go and freak out at a Lady Antebellum concert together. That would be so much fun!

Happy New Year all the LadyAers out there who is reading my blog. Hope we get a wonderful 2013, I’ve already decided on that this will be a good year.




Holly Jolly Disney…

December 27, 2012

I hope all of you LadyAers had a WONDERFUL Christmas. For those who didn’t get to see Lady Antebellum perform Holly Jolly Christmas on the morning Disney Parade December 25th, I can share it with you here. Thank you Youtube I think we have to say.

You might have noticed there were no Webisode Wednesday yesterday, and we sure understand it, Lady Antebellum need to get their Christmas break as well. They have had a wonderful year and they sure deserve a break to use on their families. Today they are performing at the Belk Bowl and for those who are going: HAVE A BLAST.

Lady Antebellum also have cancelled a few more show for summer 2013, because of Hillary’s pregnancy. Many people get so mad because of it, and I just have to say to you: STOP IT, if you can’t understand why they cancel and you don’t support Hillary’s pregancy, you are not a true LadyAer. True fans stick with their idols no matter what. They have some new music that will come out in 2013 and I’m sure we get to see them on the road again in 2014. So please stop whining about it on twitter and facebook. Be supportive and pray that Hillary will have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby when that time comes.

For those who got a lot of money for Christmas and want to use it on something that matters, donate to LadyAID HERE. Or you can donate to myLIFEspeaks. Do something that matters.

If you got giftcard on iTunes, Lady Antebellum’s Own The Night are on iTunes now for only $7,99 HERE.

I wish you Happy Holidays and it will be more blogging as soon as there is something to blog.

For NORWEGIAN fans, you might be spotting Lady Antebellum on TVNorge this New Years Eve at 19:25 Norwegian time. American Music Awards is airing and Lady Antebellum did win!


Cancelled Tour Dates…

December 13, 2012


As we all have seen Lady Antebellum has already cancelled some of their tour dates during summer 2013. The reason is Hillary’s recent news that she’s expecting a baby.
I just have to say that I’m getting really angry when I read tweets about fans being annoyed and angry about them cancel concerts. Hillary is having a BABY so I’m just asking: what is more important, you seeing Lady Antebellum in a concert or Hillary having a no-stress pregnancy and a healthy baby?
It would be terrible putting Hillary and her baby in danger by touring around late in her pregnancy, and after she has the baby off course she wants to spend time with the little bundle of joy and get to know the baby and make good routines and get used to the feeling as a new mom. Yes, it will put Lady Antebellum concerts on hiatus, but it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of Lady Antebellum. They shared news about having some new music out soon and I guess we fans have to wait for a full tour or more concerts until 2014. And for those who are lucky enough to see them before the baby comes in 2013, enjoy it.


So, please stop tweeting about being angry, “pissed-off” and annoyed for cancelled tour dates, we’re supposed to be fans, and fans supports their idols. Think about how much Lady Antebellum does for us fans, it’s not all who shares their baby news on twitter to their fans. We got to know about it before the press were all over it. AND, I’m sure she’ll tell us more about the baby news whenever she feels for it. So, instead of feeling sorry for yourself not going to the concert you wanted to in 2013 with Lady Antebellum, use your energy on praying for Hillary and Chris having a a no-stress and healthy pregnancy and baby. Hope she is as lucky as Jennifer Nettles who were one of the cutest pregnant woman ever. Hillary will be cuter with her baby bump and let’s just all be happy for her. It’s so exciting that the Lady Antebellum family is extended and it will be one of the most adoreble and loved baby on the planet.


So fans, I’m asking you, be happy for Hillary and put her in your prayers. And enjoy the tour dvd in the mean time! And let’s be excited for new music in 2013, this will be so much fun!!

Again, from Lady Antebellum Team Norway. Congratulations to Hillary and Chris! I’m so happy for you guys, you are going to make such amazing parents and Charles and Dave wonderful uncles. Hobbs & Baker being the cutest fur-siblings to this little miracle coming! Praying for you and the family.



Lady Antebellum is the Heart of Our Worlds..

December 5, 2012

Megan (@19mlm19), Paydan (@payday1234), Nicole (@wilston_luvinLA), Mariam (@InnocuousMariam) and Aliyah (@aliyahsprung) asked us #LadyAers a while back if we wanted to participate in a fan video for Lady Antebellum, now we finally got to see the result and I got a tear in my eye. These #LadyAers has become such good friends, I concider myself a friend of theirs and it’s so awsome to see the one I fangirl with on twitter in this video. Not only do we get to express our love for our idols Charles, Hillary and Dave, but it shows the love of the LadyAers sticking together and making something together. I’m so proud of being a #LadyAer and I’m so happy I made friends across the world being a fan of Lady Antebellum. THANK YOU Lady Antebellum<3 and thank you Megan, Paydan, Nicole, Mariam and Aliyah for making this wonderful video.


Lady Antebellum – Webisode Wednesday – Episode 226

November 21, 2012

So, since last post Lady Antebellum TOTALLY won the American Music Award and so well deserved!! So congratulation guys, no one deserved it more than you, this year has been an amazing year for you and you have been so incredible dedicated to your fans so enjoy the award!!

They all also looked so smashing, Hillary gorgeous as ever and the guys so handsome.

Come on, can anyone be more perfect than these three human beings?

Here they are accepting their American Music Award, their 3rd one in their careers. I’m so proud of them! They also handed out the award for Male Country Artist and it went to their friend Luke Bryan.

December 4th, their Own The Night World Tour DVD is out and in today’s Webisode Wednesday we get to see a little bit of the behind the scenes stuff. I’m so excited for this dvd. I know that the day I sit with it in my hands, ready to watch it I will need Kleenex and like a year worth of Kleenex because I know I’m going to cry. I’m so proud of them I have got no words to really describe it, and the best part is, all this succsess is really happening to three straight trough amazing people. Kind hearted, wonderful and down to earth. They do so much for Charity, their fans and so on, it couldn’t happen to better people having this succsess. They truly earn it and I’ll forever be a fan of Lady Antebellum, not just because of their music, but their integrity and who they are as a person. I’m so proud to be a #LadyAer.

Pre-Sale starts November 26th and it’s even ship-free Monday, so head over to the Lady Antebellum Shop and pre-order their tour dvd, and guess what Pj’s.. YEAH! Our prayer’s are heard… we finally get Lady A Pj’s.

Click on the picture and head to the Lady A Merch Shop!

Enjoy the Webisode #LadyAers.


November 16, 2012

It’s been 112 days since I went to my first EVER Lady Antebellum concert. I traveled from Norway to Sweden to be on their last concert in Europe. July 27th 2012 is a day I never forget and a day in my life that meant SO much to me words can not express, I had 1,5 sleepless week because of lots of pain in my body. At first it looked like I wasn’t able to go to Sweden after all because of the pain, and the thought of taking a plane to Sweden was also something that I was scared of. Somehow I managed to see through the pain (Even though the whole weekend in Sweden I slept for like 6 hours) and the plane fright and went to see Lady Antebellum (I mean, everything for Lady Antebellum) with my cousin Jenny and my friend Sandra. The countdown began when it was like a 100 days to the concert and I wasn’t even sure if I was able to go or have someone to go with.

When I got to Sweden I was so nervous, I knew Lady Antebellum was in my home country Norway singing their heart out on stage for an audience who has been waiting a while to see these wonderful people live. My plan was the concert in Norway, but because of age limit 18 my cousin couldn’t go on that one, so Sweden it was. Being in the hotel the night before concert was kinda fun, we had on my portable speakers and we listened to Lady Antebellum in the hotel room, we actually broke a bed ‘cos we danced on it, but three girls, one shoe and great minds we managed to fix the bed again! Note to self, don’t ever jump from a window post and on to a bed yelling “WE OWNED THE NIGHT” from the top of your lungs. 

Friday came, and I was up more than half the night, not much sleep and to much excitement. We were three tired faces at the hotel breakfast table, my mind wasn’t really at breakfast so I hardly ate anything. We got back to the room and fixed up before we started our walk to “Djurgården” the part of Stockholm were the concert were about to take place. We had our map, our instructions from the nice lady in the hotel reception and we first started our little search for where we were going to pick up our tickets. After going around for a little over an half an hour we found the place and I got the Lady A tickets in my hands for the first time, and yeah I cried like a baby. Especially since they got some difficulties getting the tickets out from the computer system at first.

After the tickets we started our walk to “Djurgården” to find the concert arena “Cirkus” which the concert were moved to from “Skansen Solliden”. When we had found the concert arena we decided to explore the “Djurgården” area because it was hot and sunny (and it were no where near warm and sunny in Bergen where we had come from). After a little while we went back to the concert arena to be early enough to pick up our Meet & Greet wrist-bands. We sat a little bit away from the arena while suddenly Hillary came out hand in hand with Chris. I was so starstruck all I could say was hi, Hillary smiled and waved and I beat myself up for not going up to her and tell how much she and the guys in Lady Antebellum meant to me. I was mad at myself and I almost cried again.

Then we decided to really move closer to the arena and sit on the stone-stairs in front of it. At last we were aloud inside and we sat there and waited. After being inside for maybe 45 minutes or so I looked out the glass-doors and all of a sudden Hillary and Chris came walking past one more time, this time I managed to go outside and talk to her. I had presents for Lady Antebellum with me and I gave her them, even though I had M&G I thought it was good to give her all that as I had the chance. She was so nice, and oh my gosh she is so beautiful real life. She has -beautiful inside out- written all over her. Chris was girls: EVEN more handsome real life, so you can imagine I was a bit nervous there I stood in my “My Boyfriend Is The Drummer” shirt of mine. Yeah, and they saw and they laughed. I got a big hug from Hillary before they went inside and I was so starstruck I had to sit down when I came back in. I beat myself a little bit up again NOT asking her for an autograph or a picture.

The Merch-store opened and I got myself the blue Lady A rubber bracelet and a t-shirt. When we got our M&G bracelets on I was electric. The waiting was so long, but when we finally lined up for the M&G my stomach filled with butterflies. Sandra and my cousin went in before me and when the door opened for me I almost threw up, but when Hillary reconized me and held her arms out  for a hug I calmed down. She really is wonderful. I also said hello to Dave and Charles, which are also much more handsome real life. I can with the hand on my heart say that Lady Antebellum + their band + staff is the most gorgeous looking people ever. It was over to fast, the M&G, but I was so happy I got a picture with them and that Hillary stood for the talking, cos honestly if I were to talk more than yes and no I probably would have spoken Norwegian.

The concert was beyond amazing, and I cried when it was over, I got myself together before we went outside and met Webisode-Adam with his camera, and I ended up in a Webisode. Adam was VERY nice, he spoke warmly of Norway and I like that. As we were heading back to our hotel, we went past Lady Antebellum’s busses. We knew Lady A already left because cousin Jenny saw it and she had waved to Hillary. BUT, I saw Jill, and I was a little bit scared to walk up and say hi, but Sandra and Jenny said I should and because they were with me I dared. I had to think a bit before I finally said “Jill?” and as she turned around she was like “VERONICA” and I got a hug. I was so happy she remembered me from twitter. I talked to her a while before she had to get in their bus and head for the airport. Jill is also one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met. I don’t have words for how amazing she is. And what is up with all the beautifulness of these people? They are all look so good!


If I had a choice right now to go back in time to any day, I would choose July 27th 2012 again straight away. It was really the most fantastic day in my life. So today I really have Post-Concert-Depression. I’m hoping for Lady Antebellum to announce at least one concert in Europe 2013, if not I have no idea what to do! Because it meant so much to me seeing my idols live, and it was really the best concert I’ve ever been to in my life.

Thank you Lady Antebellum for making the day so perfect, thank you for being so amazing live and for all your kindness and wonderful music. I LOVE YOU!
Thank you Jill for being the amazing person you are! Love you!

More LadyAers out here with Post Concert Depression???