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Yeah.. I’ve been away and I’m sorry…

April 19, 2014



I’ve been horrible at the blogging and I’m so sorry. So much has been going on around me that the blogging has been set aside for some time. Currently I’m in the musical “Annie” and it take a lot of time. But it’s soon over and then it’s back to hopefully blog once a week on this Lady Antebellum blog. I’m just as a big fan as I’ve always been, I keep track on them on twitter and so on. I know Hillary had her birthday April 1st. I didn’t miss it, I congratulated her on twitter and on Instagram.
Lady Antebellum’s single Compass also reached a #1 and I’m so proud of them.

They looked stunning at the red carpet for The ACM Awards. They performed beautifully together with Stevie Nicks and with Darius Rucker. Sadly they didn’t win any award, but they won best performance in our hearts, because they rocked the stage!

They are still on tour and I’m so happy for all the LadyAers seeing them on tour in USA. I wish I was there, really wish I was. I also wish I was going to the CMAFest this year, ‘cos they are one of the headliners.

I can’t describe how proud I am of these three people and their entire band. Love them so much.



THIS IS Eisele Kaye!

October 15, 2013


Hillary tweeted this picture from her twitter account yesterday with the text: Taking a break at rehearsals…LOVING my new normal & our little family! I swear my timeline of Lady Aers just went over the top with excitement when she posted it on her twitter and her instagram accounts. It’s so precious and it’s really the first real glimse we got of Eisele Kaye. THEN:


After 84 days we finally got a real picture of miss Eisele Kaye. This was also posted on Hillary’s twitter and instagram with the text: Hello World, my name is Eisele Kaye. She is so perfect and we all see she has got her mom’s eyes, no doubt she has her beauty from both her mom and dad. Talk about bundle of joy! She looks so precious and I bet she is a good baby. I just want to say congratulations ONCE again to Chris and Hillary with ehm job well done?? Haha, no with the gorgeous little princess. Can’t wait to watch her grow up. She is already very loved by the Lady Aer family. And yeah, this picture TOATLLY blew up my twitter timeline.

More news is Lady Antebellum’s new single “Compass” which is one awsome song. The lyrics are amazing and the harmonies of their voices once again make us Lady Aers fall in love (like we don’t fall in love with them again every 2 seconds right?). They are also releasing a GOLDEN DELUXE version. It includes 6 more tracks:

“And The Radio Played”
“Life As We Know It”
“Need You Now” (an iTunes Live Session Performance)
“Just A Kiss” (backstage acoustic session)
“I Run To You” (an iTunes Live Session Performance)

You can order either a physical copy or a digital copy of it HERE. It’s not out yet, it’s out NOVEMBER 12th 2013.

Lyric video for compass is out, so learn them and love them:

Also news is that Lady Antebellum WILL NOT be touring from November 8th 2013. They have postpone their first leg of the tour to January 2014. The reason is low ticket sale. I know LOTS of Lady Aers got really angry, but seriously. The tour is NOT cancelled and they are touring. STOP and THINK Lady Aers: Hillary just became a mom, only 3 months ago, she needs time to BE a mom and adjust to the new little human in her life, the new boss in her life. And it’s better to start touring when she is a little bit more than just 4 months AND we all want them to come back to the tour life with full house sold out arenas don’t we? YES we do, so STOP whining about it. It could be worse, they could have been canceling the whole tour… but they didn’t. Again, show some respect, they do SO MUCH for us fans!! Let us just at least be patient back. Also it gives them time to write some new songs, we all do wish for a new album right? READ THE WHOLE MESSAGE HERE.



September 29, 2013

Monday September 30th there’ll be a Facebook Chat Session with Lady Antebellum. Time is 2pm Central (That is 21:00 Norwegian time and 20:00 U.K. time) if I’m not completely wrong. There’s going to be a BIG announcement as well, so be in Facebook in Monday in time.


I’m gonna be online in time! Hopefully you be as well. What can the big announcement be? I really hope there’s a European tour they are going to announce. Fingers crossed, anyway Lady Antebellum announcements are always exciting.

Here is also the Webisode Wednesday:

Hope everyone is tuning in on Facebook tomorrow!



Goodbye Mia…

September 23, 2013

Mia tweeted that she had written a personal note to us LadyAers (bring on the tissues, I cried, and still crying).

Hey Lady A’ers!

I just wanted to take a moment to write a personal note and let all of you know that as of Wednesday Sept. 25th, I will be leaving my position as Fan Engagement Manager for Lady Antebellum. I will be moving on to take on other opportunities, but I wanted you to know that I hold appreciation for each of you. The past two years have been so wonderful because of all of your support, tweets, emails, ideas, comments, and love for Lady A. I am grateful for all the things we have been able to accomplish because the Lady A Online Community is so open and loving. So thank you, all of you, for being a part of an amazing two years. You all truly are the best fans in the world. I will miss you all dearly but I know with our love and appreciation for Lady A and music as a whole, we will always be connected.

But with all of this I am SO excited to introduce each of you to the new Lady A Fan Engagement rockstar, Jackson Hughes. He is truly uhmaze and will be your new main source for all things Lady A. You can find him here on the site, on Twitter, on Facebook, or you can email him directly at Be sure to give him a warm and gracious Lady A’er welcome!

Stay beautiful and wonderful Lady A’ers!

– Mia Quinn

So Mia, I just want to say thank YOU for everything you have done for us Lady Aers, all the amount of questions you have answered, all the lovely tweets and for just being the amazingly wonderfully person that you are. Will truly miss you as the go-to-gal-for-everything-Lady Antebellum. I wish you good luck and lots of blessings for your new adventures ahead. Wherever you go you are ALWAYS our Lady A Mia and we love you like family! Keep in touch because we will miss you A LOT! 

Love you Mia!

-Lady A Team Norway!! (Veronica).

AND, Welcome to the Lady Aer family to Jackson. It will be fun to get to know you, and be ready us LadyAers stick together and we are a handfull!! We cry, we tweet and we tweet even more.


After the sad news, watch the Webisode Wednesday from last Wednesday;


If you give a police car window a smash, you’ll be arrested by Garcia & Cash #Downtown

March 7, 2013



Tuesday we managed to hit 1 Million Lady Aers on twitter, that is: Lady Antebellum gained 1 Million followers on twitter. We are 1 Million fans united! Congratulations to Lady Antebellum. So proud of them. We tried to trend #1millionLadyAers on twitter but we didn’t make it… let’s try again soon.

Yesterday we tried to trend 1 Million Lady Aers again, but didn’t make it, let’s try again. We got this new awsome webisode were they sing “Downtown” with the writers of the songs. Hillary is rocking her baby bump and looking more stunning than ever.

Hillary is also sounding so good live!
We also FINALLY got the premiere of their official music video of Downtown and this is their best video YET! It’s so hilarious and after watching it like a 100 times today I still notice more things about it that is even more hilarious. They have Beth Behrs with them, from 2 Broke Girls. She is freakin’ awsome. Just enjoy the video HERE. There is also an interview with them HERE.

ENJOY. I promise to post more pictures from the Downtown video soon.


Happy Birthday Jill!

March 2, 2013

Lady Antebellum had this lovely lady with them on tour, Jill. She is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met, so sweet, kind hearted, beautiful and  funny.
She is loved by I believe all the #LadyAers and with good reason.
Today is the LOVELY JILL FERRIS birthday so: Happy Birthday Jill. Hope you’re having a wonderful birthday with the people you love!! Thank you for being you and so nice to all the LadyAers. We love you!


Jill and Hillary


Jill and me