Who’s Behind Lady A Team Norway?

I wish It said Lady Antebellum on the sign, but someday!!

This is a blog written by Veronica S, she is a huge Lady Antebellum fan from Bergen Norway. She discovered them in 2010 when the hit “Need You Now” played on the Radio altmost 5 times in 2 hours. She fell completely in love with the song and started to search for their songs on YouTube. Suddenly she discovered that she had seen and heard “I Run To You” from their first album on TV. Because in Norway they air ACM Awards near Christmas (Norway is slow on these things) and she had it on her sony minidisc, recorded from TV, from the middle of the song. She didn’t remember the day after who sang it and when she got her iPod she couldn’t take all the songs she had on her minidisc on there. But the happines was completed when “Need You Now” came on the radio and she re-discovered “I Run To You”. And discovered lots of more amazing Lady Antebellum songs which she bought on iTunes and they are non-stopped played on her iPod that is attached to her body. She never leaves home without her iPod.

She is now a huge fan and decided to start a blog, writing about Lady Antebellum, post songs, post meanings about the songs and lots of Lady Antebellum related stuff. Mostly to inform the Europe fans, escpecially the Norwegian fans about Lady Antebellum and how great they are. The blog was started in March 20th 2012, when she one day just found out that she had for two years tried to transform (and succseeded with some) every friend of hers in to Lady Aers.

Her dream is to attend to a Lady Antebellum concert in either Norway, Sweden or Denmark this summer. UPDATE: Veronica is attending to the concert in Stockholm Sweden, July 27th 2012.

When she is not obsessing around Lady Antbellum, she sings in a choir. She’s been singing since she was 4 and she loves it. Claims she is not that good, but loves it enough to keep going. She also has her dog Lexie, which is a huge Lady Antebellum fan as well, and has a major chrush on Hillary’s dog Hobbs.

Lady A Dog, Lexie!

Veronica has also starred in musicals on stage in Bergen, she was Martha Cox in High School Musical on stage, Jan in Grease the Musical, She danced in Aladdin on stage, played Principal and stand in 5 shows for the character “Spritzer” in Hairspray on stage. All this in Bergen-Norway where she lives. Musicals is one of her passions as well.

She has been a horse-girl for 20 years and horsebackriding is something she also loves. She borrows a horse twice a month just to keep it up. And pretend she is a cowgirl.

Hillary Scott-Tyrrell, Myrna Braza & Maria Haukaas Mittet (known as Maria Haukaas Storeng) are her biggest role models.

Hillary beacause: Ever since she became a Lady Antebellum fan she has been a fan of Hillary’s voice and her down to earth personality. Veronica means she is a good role model for all girls all ages, because she looks healty and she is beautiful inside out. She does charity and she seem very kind. All girls need a role model who doesn’t take herself to seriously and manage to give the message: If you are beautiful on the inside, it sure shows on the outside. She also is very talented writing music and she means the lyrics when she sings them. Veronica has listened to “Need You Now” over 600 times on her iTunes, mostly just the first verse where Hillary sings.

Myrna because: Veronica surfed around the Internet on a Norwegian music site and came over Myrna’s songs. She just loved Myrna’s voice and started to listen to more of her music and became a fan. Now, she has her as a choir teacher. Myrna is also just as beautiful inside as she is outside, kind and down to earth. Also write her own music and means the lyrics. She is a wonderful live artist. Wondeful Choir teacher and good hearted.

Maria because: Veronica went on FAME-The musical and she started to cry when the character Mabel Washington (played by Maria) started to sing. She got goosebumps and she couldn’t keep the tears back as the girl was singing. Since that, 2003 she became a fan. Maria entered Idol Norway 2004, and Veronica became a real fan, reconized her voice from FAME. So she has been a fan of Maria since 2003 and still is a fan. She has met Maria many times, and Maria is also grounded, good hearted and talented.

Hope you like the blog. Follow her at Twitter @ or @LadyANorway


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