Ariane’s concert experience…

My LadyAer friend Ariane was at a Lady Antebellum concert June 13, Sterligh Heights MI. Here is her story, thanks for sharing Ariane.


The M&G was inside as in a real concert. So we were all outside, in a line up, waiting our tour beside the tour bus. When Dave came out, he spotted us in the line up. He came in front of us, hugged us and told us he was happy to us again. I was in SHOCK!. A few seconds after, Charles came out at his turn. Same thing for him. He came in the line up to see us, and ONLY us… DYING! When Hillary came out of the bus tour, she saw us, said Hello, but she stayed in front of the tour bus. We were at the end cause we wanted to take our time with them and don’t be rush as the first one in the line up. They started to talk with the first person, but they were always looking us in the line up with big smiles.

When it was my turn, I was so shy. Like, I was the next one and I will meet my role model. Like, it’s CRAZY! I was so shy and I wasn’t sure to do a first step in front. Hillary turned her head and when she saw me she screamed: « OMG girl, come here right now! So nice to finally meet you!». I was in shock. My role model who tell me that she’s happy to finally meet me. WHAT’S WRONG?
All hugged me and told me that they were happy to see me there. I told them where I was from and ALL the road I did to be there. They were surprise, but really happy to see that even when they’re miles away, Lady Aer’s are always there.

I was obsessed with Hill’s baby bump. SHE’S COULDN’T BE MORE BEAUTIFUL. I told her that everyone though that I was looking as her. At that moment, my heart stopped and I do my first HEART ATTACK. She held my hands and said: «Look at you girl. You are absolutely gorgeous. I wish to look like you.» and my first reaction was: «SHUT UP!» … I felt stupid, but I was in shock. My role model who tell me that she wanted to be like me. I was impossible, like, I was waiting my alarm to wake me up. Everyone started to laugh at that moment. It was so spontaneous.

At that moment, Charles said: « Let’s take our picture with mini-Hillary.» HELLO! Second heart attack. When your idols think that you really look as your role model, it’s the most amazing thing EVER. So we take our picture together.
After that, I asked them to take a family Lady A’ers picture with my girls. I told them that we were friends because of them and they were so proud to see our friendship and to realize that Lady Aer’s was a BIG FAMILY.

We took the family picture and after that, Morgan started to talk with Davey, and I stayed with Hillary and Charles. I told them how they mean for me and I gave them my letter. I was like: « I did my best to write you this letter, cause I’m a french canadian and english isn’t my first language. I took English classes to better in English and to understand your songs and interviews, but I’m not that good in English yet. so I did my best but I’m sure, I’ve do a lot of mistakes.» They were pampered to heard this. Hillary looked me and she said: « Just the fact you took English classes is so unbelievable. It’s one of the most amazing thing that a fan told us.» THIRD HEART ATTACK!
I was obssessed by Hillary. It was like a moment only her and me. The boys were like, ok, we’re going take a coffee, call us when you’ll be done. It was crazy. I had the feeling I knew her (and them) since 10 years. I was so easy to talk with them.

And the M&G finished on that. They hugged me again and they said: «It was so cool to meet you. Thank to be here with us again. See you later on the stage!»
Ok, no need to tell you this was the most amazing evening of my entire life. They are so perfect. I just want to see them again and again… as all days.

When they came on stage, they spotted us in the crowd. We were the first row in the pit. They came to hold our hands. It was like: “Hey girls, we know where you are.” During ALL the show, they were always in front of us, making some weird faces to make us laugh. They did Bruno Mars, Luke Bryan and Sara Evans’ songs. OK GIRLS! I saw Hillary Scott sang ‘A Little Bit Stronger’ LIVE! (DYING!!!!!!!) It was perfect. They were in fire. It was one of their last concert of the summer before Baby Bellum and they gave everything they had. The most amazing concert I’ve been seen of them in my entire life.




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