A friend of mine, Astrid tweeted me a link today, were a Norwegian radio station P3 had listed what is the best to listen to at this time, and Lady Antebellum were on second place, with “Nothing Like The First Time” I was beyond excited when I saw it. HERE is the link: They say:

“You’ve got country, and then you have country. Many of us under 50 has the habit to be drawn to the rough type , the one who smells like grass which haven’t been cut and a hint of smoke. The other type is polished and hyper-melodious, with Nashville’s music-machinery who rubs their hands in the background. This is an example of the last mentioned, and you have to have the dirty cowboy-hat very much down in your face if this doesn’t get your feet on moving. I’m moving to Nashville”
-Ruben Gran, Lydverket

“Man har liksom country, også har man country. Mange av oss under 50 har en tendens til å trekkes mot den smått rufsete typen, den som lukter gress som ikke er slått og en anelse kruttrøyk. Den andre typen er glattpolert og hypermelodiøs, med Nashvilles musikkmaskineri som gnir seg i hendene i bakgrunnen. Dette er et eksempel på sistnevnte, og som man skal ha den møkkete stråhatten rimelig langt nedi trynet for ikke å la seg rive med av. Jeg flytter til Nashville!”
-Ruben Gran, Lydverket

I’m proud, finally Norway!

Here’s also a video from behind the scenes of “Goodbye Town” video:



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