Listen to 30 seconds of GOLDEN…


On AMAZON there is a 30 second preview on every song on Golden and hands down this is really one great album! All the songs are amazing and Lady Antebellum sound better than ever. And as I knew, It Ain’t Pretty is my favorite, I just adore Hillary’s voice.

Listen to the album HERE

You can also pre-order the album on witch exclusive packages.

If you are in Norway the album can also be pre-ordered here:



The album can also be pre-ordered on amazon and on Lady Antebellum’s official site. I know I’m pretty excited for this and it’s going to be my summer album for sure!

Tomorrow Lady Antebellum is nominated for Group of The Year on the ACMawards in Las Vegas. They are also performing at the Awards. I think the time is 1am for UK and 2am for Oslo time. It’s CBS and it’s 8pm ET/PT. So I believe it’s 1am English/UK time and 2am/Norwegian/Danish/Swedish time.. either 2am or 3am. I hopefully will have a live stream link up tomorrow. So please check in! Let’s hope Lady A wins and I can hardly wait for their performance!



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