GOLDEN is the roll your windows down kind of record…

In this weeks Webisode Wednesday Hillary, Charles and Dave talk about their upcoming album #GOLDEN. I’m so ready to make this album my summer jam!

1. Get To Me
(Hillary Lindsey and James Slater)
2. Goodbye Town
(Charles, Hillary, Dave, and Josh Kear)
3. Nothin’ Like The First Time
(Sarah Buxton, Jedd Hughes, Hillary Lindsey)
4. Downtown
(Natalie Hemby, Luke Laird, Shane McAnally)
5. Better Off Now (That You’re Gone)
(Will Hoge and Brian Layson)
6. It Ain’t Pretty
(Nicolle Gaylon and Eric Paslay)
7. Can’t Stand The Rain
(Charles, Hillary, Dave, and Josh Kear)
8. Golden
(Charles, Hillary, Dave, and Eric Paslay)
9. Long Teenage Goodbye
(Charles, Dave, Hillary, and Hillary Lindsey)
10. All For Love
(Charles, Dave, Hillary, Dennis, Clint, Slim, Jonathon, Chris)
11. Better Man
(Charles, Dave, Dennis, Slim, Jonathon, Clint)
12. Generation Away
(Charles, Hillary, Dave, Brad and Brett Warren)

Thank you to Lady Antebellum Fans for the info on tracklist writers.



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