If you give a police car window a smash, you’ll be arrested by Garcia & Cash #Downtown



Tuesday we managed to hit 1 Million Lady Aers on twitter, that is: Lady Antebellum gained 1 Million followers on twitter. We are 1 Million fans united! Congratulations to Lady Antebellum. So proud of them. We tried to trend #1millionLadyAers on twitter but we didn’t make it… let’s try again soon.

Yesterday we tried to trend 1 Million Lady Aers again, but didn’t make it, let’s try again. We got this new awsome webisode were they sing “Downtown” with the writers of the songs. Hillary is rocking her baby bump and looking more stunning than ever.

Hillary is also sounding so good live!
We also FINALLY got the premiere of their official music video of Downtown and this is their best video YET! It’s so hilarious and after watching it like a 100 times today I still notice more things about it that is even more hilarious. They have Beth Behrs with them, from 2 Broke Girls. She is freakin’ awsome. Just enjoy the video HERE. There is also an interview with them HERE.

ENJOY. I promise to post more pictures from the Downtown video soon.



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