All they need is a coffee pot..

The Webisode last week was one awsome acoustic version of “Downtown”. This just show’s how wonderful these people actually are and that they really can sing! And CLUB LA BELLUM IS BACK!! Love it!

Yesterday, Charle’s wife Cassie turned 30, she had a beautiful blogpost about how it is to turn 30 and she wrote some beautiful things about her husband, read it here at her blog WOMANISTA.

Yesterday was also the 4 year anniversary of when Lady Antebellum wrote “Need You Now”, the song that almost didn’t make the album but won them 5 Grammy awards, 3 ACM awards, 1 CMA award, 1 CMT award, 1 Teen Choice Award, 3 ACA awards, and one Billboard Award. It’s a very special song to me, because this song made me fall completely in love with them all, summer of 2010, I can remember it like it was yesterday!

Let’s take a look at the music video of the song we all love:

Charles, Dave and Hillary, thank you SO much for putting this song on the album and make it the first single of the album “Need You Now”, it has changed my life becoming fans of you!



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