THE DAY IS HERE! 20:00 Norwegian time, 2pm USA time the single is out, the new Lady Antebellum single “DOWNTOWN”. Us LadyAers have been waiting to long (we think) for this, we have been impatient but SO happy since we heard the news about the new single. Teasers from Lady Antebellum themselves hasn’t been much help, it just made us more crazy. I bet there is like a billion LadyAers in their Lady Antebellum t-shirts at school and work or at home today! I’m in my Lady Antebellum PINK t-shirt and Lady Antebellum sweatpants celebrating this day!!

I really can’t wait to get the song on my iPod and have it on repeat until it reaches 1000 or more listenings! It’s a mix between Perfect Day and Lookin’ For A Good Time I think. It’s so good, Hillary sounds AMAZING, she is singing with an attitude, no doubt. Wonder how I know? Listen here yourself! Don’t forget to purchase the single on iTunes later today people! We need to get this to number 1, because that is where it belongs!!




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