So, with all the wonderful Lady Antebellum memories most of us are leaving in 2012, some of us might have new memories and more memories in 2013. We have new music from Lady Antebellum coming up, well that is what Charles said. Hillary is having her baby and we are all excited over that (the true LadyAers are), more Webisode Wednesday’s, some of us got concerts to go to and for us who can’t get to a concert in 2013 are having a WHOLE year to save up to go to more concerts in 2014! So look at the bright side LadyAers, if we’re not able to attend to a Lady Antebellum concert this year, we might save up and go to two, even three or more in 2014. Always look at the bright side, which is what we need to do this new year. I know I can’t wait until Hillary and Chris has their baby, it’s so much fun having the first BabyBellum! Hillary is going to be such a wonderful mom and Chris a wonderful dad. And let’s face it, this kid is going to have the coolest uncles as well!

I really want to thank all you LadyAers on twitter which I got to know in 2012, I appriciate each and everyone of you and it’s nice to have someone to fangirl with when people around me doesn’t have a clue about Lady Antebellum or get tired of hearing about them. Thank you guys!

I want to thank Mia for all she does for us fans, she answer a billion questions I guess everyday and she is updating us on everything Lady Antebellum. Mia, you are amazing and we appreciate you!

Lady Antebellum for coming to Europe in 2012, I felt so lucky and I cried when I read that you were heading to Europe and I started my mission straight away to get tickets to either my own home country Norway, Denmark or Sweden. I was lucky and got tickets for Stockholm Sweden and I cried when I had ordered them. July 27 2012 will be a date I’ll never ever forget. I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be picked out for Meet & Greet, but I was so lucky I got one and my cousin and my friend got one and all three of us had a WONDERFUL time at the concert. AND meeting all of you was a dream come true, and thanks to Hillary who I met before the meet and greet, thanks for taking your time to talk to me, you are so wonderful. And sorry for totally staring at your husband, can’t help it! Sorry!

Jill, I don’t know where to start! I was just as excited to meet you as I was to meet Lady Antebellum. Thank you for all your inspiring tweets, words and all you do for us fans as well. Thank you for taking your time to talk to me after the concert! You are one of the most wonderful persons I’ve ever met. Thank you for being you! I really hope that you are a part of Lady Antebellum’s next tour as well! If not, we might just have to get that arranged:P

Alexis, one of the LadyAers who have become my best friend. Even though we live in different countries we’ve become such good friends and I appreciate your friendship. I love our Skype time, kik and twitter convos and so on. Thanks for being my friend! Hope we meet sometime and can go and freak out at a Lady Antebellum concert together. That would be so much fun!

Happy New Year all the LadyAers out there who is reading my blog. Hope we get a wonderful 2013, I’ve already decided on that this will be a good year.




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