Holly Jolly Disney…

I hope all of you LadyAers had a WONDERFUL Christmas. For those who didn’t get to see Lady Antebellum perform Holly Jolly Christmas on the morning Disney Parade December 25th, I can share it with you here. Thank you Youtube I think we have to say.

You might have noticed there were no Webisode Wednesday yesterday, and we sure understand it, Lady Antebellum need to get their Christmas break as well. They have had a wonderful year and they sure deserve a break to use on their families. Today they are performing at the Belk Bowl and for those who are going: HAVE A BLAST.

Lady Antebellum also have cancelled a few more show for summer 2013, because of Hillary’s pregnancy. Many people get so mad because of it, and I just have to say to you: STOP IT, if you can’t understand why they cancel and you don’t support Hillary’s pregancy, you are not a true LadyAer. True fans stick with their idols no matter what. They have some new music that will come out in 2013 and I’m sure we get to see them on the road again in 2014. So please stop whining about it on twitter and facebook. Be supportive and pray that Hillary will have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby when that time comes.

For those who got a lot of money for Christmas and want to use it on something that matters, donate to LadyAID HERE. Or you can donate to myLIFEspeaks. Do something that matters.

If you got giftcard on iTunes, Lady Antebellum’s Own The Night are on iTunes now for only $7,99 HERE.

I wish you Happy Holidays and it will be more blogging as soon as there is something to blog.

For NORWEGIAN fans, you might be spotting Lady Antebellum on TVNorge this New Years Eve at 19:25 Norwegian time. American Music Awards is airing and Lady Antebellum did win!



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