She’s BAAAAAACK and with a friend…!!

WARNING: You might need to go to the bathroom and pee before you watch this one. Lady Aunt Bella is back, and she brought a friend, Euneeda Biscuit! You are warned, this will be a lot of laughter and you might not need to take those sit-ups today, just watch this like 3 times. And maybe take some work-out tips from Aunt B and Euneeda… come over, come over, come over come over, that’s all I have to say:

Go follow them on twitter: @LadyAuntB and @EuneedaBiscuit also follow @LauraBellBundy, she might have been helping Charles with this weeks Webisode Wednesday.

REMEMBER, tonight on ABC at 9/8pm CMA Christmas is on, Lady Antebellum will be perfoming! #CMACountryChristmas it’s also on December 22nd on ABC at 9/8c pm.



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