Cancelled Tour Dates…


As we all have seen Lady Antebellum has already cancelled some of their tour dates during summer 2013. The reason is Hillary’s recent news that she’s expecting a baby.
I just have to say that I’m getting really angry when I read tweets about fans being annoyed and angry about them cancel concerts. Hillary is having a BABY so I’m just asking: what is more important, you seeing Lady Antebellum in a concert or Hillary having a no-stress pregnancy and a healthy baby?
It would be terrible putting Hillary and her baby in danger by touring around late in her pregnancy, and after she has the baby off course she wants to spend time with the little bundle of joy and get to know the baby and make good routines and get used to the feeling as a new mom. Yes, it will put Lady Antebellum concerts on hiatus, but it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of Lady Antebellum. They shared news about having some new music out soon and I guess we fans have to wait for a full tour or more concerts until 2014. And for those who are lucky enough to see them before the baby comes in 2013, enjoy it.


So, please stop tweeting about being angry, “pissed-off” and annoyed for cancelled tour dates, we’re supposed to be fans, and fans supports their idols. Think about how much Lady Antebellum does for us fans, it’s not all who shares their baby news on twitter to their fans. We got to know about it before the press were all over it. AND, I’m sure she’ll tell us more about the baby news whenever she feels for it. So, instead of feeling sorry for yourself not going to the concert you wanted to in 2013 with Lady Antebellum, use your energy on praying for Hillary and Chris having a a no-stress and healthy pregnancy and baby. Hope she is as lucky as Jennifer Nettles who were one of the cutest pregnant woman ever. Hillary will be cuter with her baby bump and let’s just all be happy for her. It’s so exciting that the Lady Antebellum family is extended and it will be one of the most adoreble and loved baby on the planet.


So fans, I’m asking you, be happy for Hillary and put her in your prayers. And enjoy the tour dvd in the mean time! And let’s be excited for new music in 2013, this will be so much fun!!

Again, from Lady Antebellum Team Norway. Congratulations to Hillary and Chris! I’m so happy for you guys, you are going to make such amazing parents and Charles and Dave wonderful uncles. Hobbs & Baker being the cutest fur-siblings to this little miracle coming! Praying for you and the family.




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