This weeks Webisode Wednesday our beloved Lady Antebellum tells us about their new Charity LadyAID. I can honestly say that these three people never stop to amaze me, and this is why they deserve every nomination, good words and all good things coming their way. They have such big hearts and they use the “power” that they have as popular musicians to talk about charity, support and front charity and inspires us fans to get more involved in charity work. They use their big hearts to do something good for others, and that is why Lady Antebellum deserves to do what they do for as long as even possible. They are healthy role models for us fans and the young new fans that discoveres them. I’m so proud of Lady Antebellum I can’t even express myself in either Norwegian or English how much I appriciate them and how proud I am to be a fan of theirs. I’m trying to make a bigger fan base for them in Europe, especially in Scandinavia (Norway, Denmark, Sweden) so we can have them over here more often so more fans discoveres not only their amazing music, but their kind hearts and how wonderful people they really are.

Just watch this Webisode and be inspired by Hillary, Dave and Charles.

Did you get inspired?



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