#BabyBellum #BabyAntebellum #BabyTyrrell


Yeah, Hillary tweeted her fans, she is going to be a mom! Her and her husband Chris annouced this at their 11 moths anniversary! I’m so excited for them, they are going to make such wonderful parents and Hillary will be like the cutest pregnant woman ever! She is already glowing and I bet she is glowing even more at the ACAs on Monday!

Congratulations to Hillary and Chris, we fans are OVER THE MOON of excitement for you, we’ll keep you in our prayers and we’re so looking forward to following this pregnancy. So LadyAers, any ideas on when she’ll have it? Is it Italy that were the place or was it the wonderful October month with Halloween and Thanksgivin to come?? We all are pretty excited to find out aren’t we??

All I know is that this baby is going to be loved and it is so blessed.

Now we just have to trend #BabyBellum #BabyAntebellum & #BabyTyrrell on twitter!! For some months!

SO HILLARY: I’m offering my service as a nanny! I’ll do it for free.. I’m educated so hire me.. there, I’m the first one to apply!

PLEASE, what do you think, due date???



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