Lady Antebellum is the Heart of Our Worlds..

Megan (@19mlm19), Paydan (@payday1234), Nicole (@wilston_luvinLA), Mariam (@InnocuousMariam) and Aliyah (@aliyahsprung) asked us #LadyAers a while back if we wanted to participate in a fan video for Lady Antebellum, now we finally got to see the result and I got a tear in my eye. These #LadyAers has become such good friends, I concider myself a friend of theirs and it’s so awsome to see the one I fangirl with on twitter in this video. Not only do we get to express our love for our idols Charles, Hillary and Dave, but it shows the love of the LadyAers sticking together and making something together. I’m so proud of being a #LadyAer and I’m so happy I made friends across the world being a fan of Lady Antebellum. THANK YOU Lady Antebellum<3 and thank you Megan, Paydan, Nicole, Mariam and Aliyah for making this wonderful video.



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