It’s been 112 days since I went to my first EVER Lady Antebellum concert. I traveled from Norway to Sweden to be on their last concert in Europe. July 27th 2012 is a day I never forget and a day in my life that meant SO much to me words can not express, I had 1,5 sleepless week because of lots of pain in my body. At first it looked like I wasn’t able to go to Sweden after all because of the pain, and the thought of taking a plane to Sweden was also something that I was scared of. Somehow I managed to see through the pain (Even though the whole weekend in Sweden I slept for like 6 hours) and the plane fright and went to see Lady Antebellum (I mean, everything for Lady Antebellum) with my cousin Jenny and my friend Sandra. The countdown began when it was like a 100 days to the concert and I wasn’t even sure if I was able to go or have someone to go with.

When I got to Sweden I was so nervous, I knew Lady Antebellum was in my home country Norway singing their heart out on stage for an audience who has been waiting a while to see these wonderful people live. My plan was the concert in Norway, but because of age limit 18 my cousin couldn’t go on that one, so Sweden it was. Being in the hotel the night before concert was kinda fun, we had on my portable speakers and we listened to Lady Antebellum in the hotel room, we actually broke a bed ‘cos we danced on it, but three girls, one shoe and great minds we managed to fix the bed again! Note to self, don’t ever jump from a window post and on to a bed yelling “WE OWNED THE NIGHT” from the top of your lungs. 

Friday came, and I was up more than half the night, not much sleep and to much excitement. We were three tired faces at the hotel breakfast table, my mind wasn’t really at breakfast so I hardly ate anything. We got back to the room and fixed up before we started our walk to “Djurgården” the part of Stockholm were the concert were about to take place. We had our map, our instructions from the nice lady in the hotel reception and we first started our little search for where we were going to pick up our tickets. After going around for a little over an half an hour we found the place and I got the Lady A tickets in my hands for the first time, and yeah I cried like a baby. Especially since they got some difficulties getting the tickets out from the computer system at first.

After the tickets we started our walk to “Djurgården” to find the concert arena “Cirkus” which the concert were moved to from “Skansen Solliden”. When we had found the concert arena we decided to explore the “Djurgården” area because it was hot and sunny (and it were no where near warm and sunny in Bergen where we had come from). After a little while we went back to the concert arena to be early enough to pick up our Meet & Greet wrist-bands. We sat a little bit away from the arena while suddenly Hillary came out hand in hand with Chris. I was so starstruck all I could say was hi, Hillary smiled and waved and I beat myself up for not going up to her and tell how much she and the guys in Lady Antebellum meant to me. I was mad at myself and I almost cried again.

Then we decided to really move closer to the arena and sit on the stone-stairs in front of it. At last we were aloud inside and we sat there and waited. After being inside for maybe 45 minutes or so I looked out the glass-doors and all of a sudden Hillary and Chris came walking past one more time, this time I managed to go outside and talk to her. I had presents for Lady Antebellum with me and I gave her them, even though I had M&G I thought it was good to give her all that as I had the chance. She was so nice, and oh my gosh she is so beautiful real life. She has -beautiful inside out- written all over her. Chris was girls: EVEN more handsome real life, so you can imagine I was a bit nervous there I stood in my “My Boyfriend Is The Drummer” shirt of mine. Yeah, and they saw and they laughed. I got a big hug from Hillary before they went inside and I was so starstruck I had to sit down when I came back in. I beat myself a little bit up again NOT asking her for an autograph or a picture.

The Merch-store opened and I got myself the blue Lady A rubber bracelet and a t-shirt. When we got our M&G bracelets on I was electric. The waiting was so long, but when we finally lined up for the M&G my stomach filled with butterflies. Sandra and my cousin went in before me and when the door opened for me I almost threw up, but when Hillary reconized me and held her arms out  for a hug I calmed down. She really is wonderful. I also said hello to Dave and Charles, which are also much more handsome real life. I can with the hand on my heart say that Lady Antebellum + their band + staff is the most gorgeous looking people ever. It was over to fast, the M&G, but I was so happy I got a picture with them and that Hillary stood for the talking, cos honestly if I were to talk more than yes and no I probably would have spoken Norwegian.

The concert was beyond amazing, and I cried when it was over, I got myself together before we went outside and met Webisode-Adam with his camera, and I ended up in a Webisode. Adam was VERY nice, he spoke warmly of Norway and I like that. As we were heading back to our hotel, we went past Lady Antebellum’s busses. We knew Lady A already left because cousin Jenny saw it and she had waved to Hillary. BUT, I saw Jill, and I was a little bit scared to walk up and say hi, but Sandra and Jenny said I should and because they were with me I dared. I had to think a bit before I finally said “Jill?” and as she turned around she was like “VERONICA” and I got a hug. I was so happy she remembered me from twitter. I talked to her a while before she had to get in their bus and head for the airport. Jill is also one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met. I don’t have words for how amazing she is. And what is up with all the beautifulness of these people? They are all look so good!


If I had a choice right now to go back in time to any day, I would choose July 27th 2012 again straight away. It was really the most fantastic day in my life. So today I really have Post-Concert-Depression. I’m hoping for Lady Antebellum to announce at least one concert in Europe 2013, if not I have no idea what to do! Because it meant so much to me seeing my idols live, and it was really the best concert I’ve ever been to in my life.

Thank you Lady Antebellum for making the day so perfect, thank you for being so amazing live and for all your kindness and wonderful music. I LOVE YOU!
Thank you Jill for being the amazing person you are! Love you!

More LadyAers out here with Post Concert Depression???





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2 Responses to “Post-Concert-Depression…”

  1. alyssarickels Says:

    THIS IS MY LIFE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! 😦 Going to the Carrie concert and meeting her has brought my post concert depression to a whole new level!! Now I miss Lady A even more because just going to a concert reminds me of how amazing theirs was!!

    • Lady A-Team Norway Says:

      I know, I guess when I go to the Christmas concert with Maria (yeah home in Norway) December 16th, I’ll be like heartbroken trough Christmas for missing Lady Antebellum to much! I’m really struggeling and if I don’t get to see them in 2013 I’ll cry forever!

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