One of Hillary Scott Tyrrell heart organizations is myLIFEspeaks, I love her for being a part of it and how she get us Lady Aers a part of it. I love how she is so kind hearted and how dedicated she is. This is really one of the reasons why Hillary truly is a healthy and wonderful role model for young girls/women all around.

Hillary Scott SPEAKS UP

Our very special friend, Hillary Scott, shares how Haiti has changed her. You might recognize her from the multi Grammy winning group, Lady Antebellum, but we simply call her a LIFE Voice. Hillary is the catalyst that helped get myLIFEspeaks started by asking Missy Wilson, “Why can’t we do something to help children in Haiti with Special Needs?” From that moment standing on a balcony in the mountains outside of Port au Prince, Hillary knew Haiti would somehow be a part of her LIFE. We hope you’ll watch this and see how special this young lady truly is.

Watch the new myLIFEspeaks short film HERE it’s so inspiring! Also hear Hillary talk about myLIFEspeaks, it truly get me wanting to go to Neply/Haiti and do something that really matters!

She has got fame, she has an voice of an Angel, she gets to travel the world, but what is her heart closest is those who isn’t that fortunante, how unselfish is that?

Three words: I LOVE HILLARY! She is my role model and with a good reason. I wish myLIFEspeaks had a program in Norway where people from Norway also can get involved helping the population in Haiti in this amazing way! God’s work matters!

THEN, Hillary tweeted a picture of her lovely family, Hobbs, Baker and her husband Chris. The wonderful family Tyrrell 😉

Anyone else inspired by Hillary?



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