On This Winter’s Night


Tuesday was like the best day ever! I got Lady Antebellum’s On This Winter’s Night in my mailbox and the day was just so awsome. I was so surprised that I got it like a week before the realise, which is tomorrow, October 22nd 2012. When I got it I was just taking in how beautiful it is, an album is a piece of art and to hold the physical album in my hands and a little bit earlier than everyone else (just because the Norwegian record-shop online were like really early) was HAPPINESS!! And a happines that really can’t be described in words. I just love this album and it’s already spun around in my cd-player a little more than it should be, I mean my Christmas started Tuesday, and that is a little early for some. But when you have perfection dropped in yoyr mailbox, you can’t resist.

The Tracklist:

1: A Holly Jolly Christmas
-This one is very new for me, but maybe because I’m Norwegian. Hillary starts this song and sing most of it, but Charles and Dave harmonizes her perfectly. Really get this Hollywood-Movie-Christmas-feeling from this song.

2: Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
-Charles song with Hillary and Dave harmonizing. This is a little more up-tempo and this is a song I bet I be baking the Christmas cookies to. And decorate my tree to.

3: All I Want For Christmas Is You
-One of my all time favourite song, how many times I have been singing this in my hairbrush in front of the mirror after Mariah Carey’s version. THEN, Hillary’s version comes,this slow version with her amazing voice. I LOVE this version, and this will be like one of my new relax songs the whole Christmas trough, the one I can close my eyes to and just let the words and a beautiful voice ease all the Christmas stress.

4: I’ll Be Home For Christmas
-I don’t know but I ALWAYS think of “The Parent Trap” the movie every time I hear this song. I just love this Christmas song. Charles voice is also amazing.

5: This Christmas
-I like this song, this one is also new for me.

6: The First Noel
-One of my favourite Christmas songs, and I have one word for the whole song here: PERFECTION. Hillary, I WANT your voice!

7: On This Winter’s Night
-Lady Antebellum’s own Christmas song, and this is really one of my favourites on this album. A worthy Christmas song and I really see myself under a carpet, hot chocolate with marshmellows and just this song playing loud in my cd player. I see why this is the title of the album! #ProudLadyAerMoment when I listened to this the first time ❤

8: Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
-Honestly, really not my favourite song of all Christmas songs, but then Hillary starts sing it and I’m like, okay I can listen to this version, because it’s perfect when she sings it.

9: Have Youself A Merry Little Christmas
-Like Let It Snow, this might be one of the songs I usually always skip over when I have on a Christmas cd, but NOT this time. Charles starts it perfectly. And it’s just a song I won’t skip over, as long as it’s Lady A singing it.

10: Silent Night (Lord Of My Life)
-THIS IS MY FAVOURITE Christmas song EVER, in Norwegian it’s called “Glade Jul”, in Swedish it’s “Stilla Natt” and I’ve always loved this song in English, Norwegian and Swedish. Whenever we walked around the Christmas tree in School I looked forward to this song, because everyone was really making an effort to sing it well, and it was always sung well. And now, Hillary’s voice is like taking this song to new leves, and adding the Lord Of My Life with Charles in the background, goosebumps, tears and just a happy happy happy feeling inside!! I LOVE this, this IS my favourite of this album!!

11: Blue Christmas
-This is what I could dance around after in my pajamas December 25th in the morning making breakfast for mom and my brother! Never heard it before, but like it.

12: Silver Bells
-Another new song for me, this is also Christmas sountrack in my household this year and years to come.

I just love the whole album and it will be played on repeat from morning to night the whole December, I really don’t doubt it. I probably have to listen to it mostly in my room in case my brother is home, but my mom and I will be blasting this like the whole December. Well, Christmas started early here so it’s already been listened to, but to not annoy the neighbours, and in fair for being admitted to mental Hospital for listening to Christmas music in October, I have kept it to my cd player and iPod and MacBook. But when December 1st comes, it’s blasting the speakers and get all the neighbours singing along to Lady Antebellum’s On This Winter’s Night.

To all of those who get their album in the mailbox tomorrow!! JUST embrace it!! It’s worth more than gold for a true LadyAer!! Charles, Dave and Hillary, we LadyAers are really proud of you!



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