ACA, AMA & Last Own The Night Tour 2012

Lady Antebellum has recived SIX American Country Awards nominations, so be sure to vote for them HERE. Sign up if you haven’t already and VOTE VOTE VOTE for Lady Antebellum. They have also been nominated for American Music Awards in FAVORITE BAND, DUO or GROUP – COUNTRY   together with Zac Brown Band and Rascal Flatts. We are all crossing fingers for Lady Antebellum. Right now I’m such a proud Lady Aer. They deserve EVERY single nomination they get, and they deserve to win every categories they are nominated in. Lady Antebellum does so much for their fans and so much for charity they totally deserve every single good thing handed to them. They are such down to earth and wonderful people <3.

In today’s Webisode Wednesday show us a lot from Sidney, they last concert EVER on their Own The Night Tour. I cried, of course ‘cos it’s 75 days since I saw them in Stockholm-Sweden. Since I met them and I can with my hand on the heart say that they are truly the most wonderful people I’ve ever met in my entire life. And by the way, CREDIT to Hillary running stairs with THOSE heels!! No wonder us girls have her as our role model.



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