Love Is The Heart Of The World…

Some fans are horrible to each other, some fans fight and some fans just role with their own little crew and ignore the others who are just as huge fans. Some fans declair themselves the biggest fans and don’t like others who are just as big fans calling themselves biggest fans.

Let me tell you something about the Lady Antebellum fans. On twitter, we are a whole bunch of fans, I mean Lady Antebellum got like 815911 followers on twitter and I have gotten to know many of them. I have sat and read tweets between fans, and there is SO much love going on between the fans. Fans happy for each other going to concerts, when someone meet them, when someone are lucky to be in a Webisode Wednesday and when someone just experience something fun in the spirit of Lady Antebellum, the fans are so exited for each other.
Some of the fans you always get closer to, and you get like your own little twitter circle and Instagram circle of friends you talk more to then the others, but always being including with other fans and caring for all is just what makes us Lady Antebellum fans so great. We are united and focusing on supporting who we love, Lady Antebellum and we’re not in it to fight over who is the biggest fans and who has met them the most and so on. We are all equal, even the ones who haven’t been lucky to experience them on stage yet are not excluded from concert convorsations.

I where at my first concert 27.07.2012, but being a part of the LadyAers on twitterville I altmost felt I had been to one, because the fans are so nice to share pictures, video clips and twitlongers so we all feel like we have been there. So being to a concert was huge for me. But even as amazing as being to the Lady Antebellum concert, was logging in to my e-mail finding out I had like over 200 mentions from fellow LadyAers on Twitter whising me the best time and so on. I felt the love to my bones and I live on that for a long time. And when everyone was asking how it was and everyone crossing their fingers for me to get a Meet and Greet before the concert, is really amazing. I’m so overwhelmed by the love and respect Lady Antebellum fans show each other, and the only reason is that Lady Antebellum sort of teach us to be nice to each other. Being them on stage and being so humble people and down to earth as they are, it shows reflection in their fans so we know how to treat one another.

I watched the Backstory of Lady Antebellum today for the first time, and it made me love these three people even more. And the people around in the whole Lady Antebellum crew. I’m so thankful to God for bringing these three people together and making the world of country music and music in general a lovely place to escape in. He did a great job connecting Hillary, Charles and Dave, he always have a plan, and this one is one of his best. Also their families to have raised such wonderful children. They are such good role models for us fans and I hope they stay as Lady Antebellum for years and years. I mean, look at Rolling Stones, that is how I see Lady Antebellum years from now. Hillary and Charles sharing a walker as they sing “Just A Kiss” and “Need You Now” as Dave shares his walker with Slim” in the guitar solos. Chris in his wheelchair banging the drums as crazy.

The team around Lady Antebellum, with Jill and Mia which is such amazing people as well. All the time they are tweeting with Lady Antebellum fans, and being wonderful. I hope they also stay in the Lady Antebellum family until they are old and grey and joining Lady A on stage with walkers. I know that over half, if not all of their fans will be at their concerts, even if might half of us are in wheelchairs with great grandchildren of ours holding up our arms and posters helping is cheer along.

I just need to say thanks again to the fans on twitter who welcomed a “loner” Lady Antebellum fan from Norway as a fellow LadyAer. I hope one day I can go to a concert with all of the wonderful LadyAers I’m tweeting with everyday altmost on twitter. I LOVE  you guys so much. And it’s so cool with friendship across boarders, and it’s so nice to have such wonderful people to fangirl with and share post-concert-depressions with. And Pre-concert-exitement.

Here is a list of some of the wonderful LadyAers on twitter, and If you don’t see your name here, I still love you, but so many names and twitter names I can’t remember them all in my head. So PLEASE tweet me and I will put your name here to. Because I love my LadyAerSiblingsFamily on twitter. @MissVeronicaS or @LadyANorway if you want to be on this list.

@alyssarickels50 @ladyaer12 @wilston_luvinLA @kelseabellum @Ploii_Ju @Hillandchrisfan @_hannahgoddard
@NatalieSattaris @PrettyShivi_16 @LadyAUK @ameeliu @tanyabarton123 @HeidiRingsrud @LAntebellumFan @JenniSwift13 @moniquecoro2524 @HeartMrsTyrrell @LadyAConfession @LadyAFan23 @cinnamondaises @PeaceLoveLadyA @Skylord05 @antebellumangel @LadyAQuotes @ladyafans @payday1234 @dreakristina
@emmastock_ @_omniaparatus @McBellum_AK @akelt10 @SophieMiniken @Ashybear200 @kaylahillary410 @Tara515
@EveryDayLadyA @NZLadyAFan @LadyALover95 @MegW95 @britt_haywood @hany525 @SwiftGotSwag @gbsmith_99
@sarajcatherine @LadyAGermany @McLadyAer4life @anjakrone @LadyALover95 @BlackBirdBeatls
@Honey_Dream19 @LadyEh_Fan1511 @FannyCR @InnocuousMariam @Skylord_05 @antebellumangel

@themiasquad @TheJillSquad @thecharlessquad @thehobbssquad @TheHillarySquad

Follow them and love them.


@jillleeferris @Mia_Quinn @ClubLaBellum @HillaryScottLA @ladyantebellum


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2 Responses to “Love Is The Heart Of The World…”

  1. Ashton Lane Says:

    Totally love lady A! they put on SUCH a great live show ; ).
    Brilliant to see them rocking in Europe!

    Like Lady Antebellum? check out 7 free songs from Ashton Lane

  2. Hanna/ Hanny Says:

    HI! Thank you so much for mention me! Im so happy to have you as a twitterfriend.Oh and thank U so much, on your blog was the first time I saw the Lady A webisode from Norway & Stockholm 🙂 it was awesome. I LOVE your blog so much. I can read it over and over again. Norway country festival seems so much fun & everytime I hear Norweigan i get so happy. I love the Lady A pics so much.Im so thankful to have met U. From @hany525

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