Lady Antebellum – Webisode Wednesday – Episode 210

One Bucketlist goal can be crossed off on my Bucketlist. I’M LIKE IN A FREAKIN’ WEBISODE….!! After the concert 27.07.2012 on our way out, we got stopped by a guy with a huge camera. He was like: Want to say something to Lady Antebellum, and my cousin and I where like..ehm..and he looked at my hand and said “Hey, you where in M&G, say something!!” haha, and so I got in a Webisode Wednesday. My cousin and I + my glowstick, which had been in my back pocket the whole concert after the security asked me not to use it (I could poke someones eye out…according to him). So, I’m in a freaking webisode, and all I love about this webisode is all the scenery from my beautiful home country Norway. AND the fact they filmed a trailer with the Norwegian flag and the saying “Kongen av campingplassen” which means “King of the caravan/camping area”. We Norwegians are like sooo patriotic.  And I loved seeing clip from the show in Seljord and how the Norwegians actually responded to Lady Antebellum. I’m so happy. I hope they come to Norway next tour and that I’ll be in Norway for their concert, or I might also go to Stockholm again if they are there.

Enjoy this weeks webisode:



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