Owned The Night in Stockholm # 3 Pictures.

I just remembered they also sang “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” as well. If ANYONE who where at the Stockholm concert remembers the set-list, please e-mail me at ladyateamnorway @ gmail.com please.

So, here comes a picture spam, of what I got. As I said, the security guard really hated me, so I didn’t get as much pictures as I wanted, but I’m sharing what I have. Don’t hate me for not getting much pictures and not filming much. NOT MY FAULT. I didn’t even get to hold my posters or the glowstick..like seriously. Not all pictures are very clear. But the clearest is with my new camera. Got some Chillary pictures and some good Charles ones.


Love these people

HOT man

Ghost picture…


Chillary moment #1

did I say HOT man?

Chillary moment #2

Chillary #3

Chillary #4

Yeap, more Chillary #5

Like the most beautiful lady in country music.

More Chillary #6

As You Turn Away ❤

Do we need say more? Chillary #7

Oh yeah, it’s Charles Kelley.

Three of the most talented, genuine, beautiful and awsome people in the whole wide world.

Slim and Hillary moment!

I LOVE these three people so much ❤


Not to brag, but this picture is kinda awsome.. especially for those Charles Kelley fans out there. Fangirl!

One really sexy Dave Haywood!!

The warm-up, mr Jaime Meyer



I will try to set together what I filmed in a little YouTube movie, but need some time to fix that so be patient. Hope you like the pictures.





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3 Responses to “Owned The Night in Stockholm # 3 Pictures.”

  1. Heidi Says:

    Så mange fine bilder! Skulle ønske jeg kunne skru tiden tilbake 1 uke….

  2. Owned The Night…. | Miss Musical Queen Says:

    […] bak, men fikk øyekontakt med Dave en del ganger osv. Dere kan lese mer om konserten HER, HER og HER, for vil ikke plage dere som ikke liker Lady […]

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