Owned The Night in Stockholm # 2

A little bit irritated on myself that I didn’t ask for a picture or ask for an autograph, and a bit tired of waiting for the M&G passes to arrive, I went “crazy” in the Merch-store. I finally decided what t-shirt to get and I got a Lady A bracelet. I got the red t-shirt with the European tour dates at the back of it. I LOVE it and when I’m writing now I’m wearing it.

picture taken with mobile phone, bad but LOVE this tshirt which is my third one.

Finally the guy with the M&G passes came, and I was shaking when I opened the envelope where the green bracelet which proofed that I got a M&G where. SO PROUD.

My new blue Lady A bracelet and the green M&G bracelet.. YAY!!

And then the butterflies came, it was all of a sudden so real that I was going to meet all three of the Lady Antebellum members. I still needed to pinch myself in the arm meeting Hillary just a couple of hours before. It was like 40 people at the M&G, lining up to go inside after a few hours waiting (TO LONG WAITING) I was one of the first one inside. After my cousin and Sandra. When I walked in the door Hillary recondnized me at once and one of the first things she said was that she was to give the boys their presents, but they all had been like walking in different directions all day, but she had them and was like “yeah boys, she got you presents”. She actually started to talk to me and gave me a hug and like held me on my shoulders after I had walked in I walked in, so I managed to say hi to Dave before she “stole me” and then Charles where like waiting to say hello to me… so in between Hillary talking I got to say hi to Charles as well. Hillary also said to the boys to read on my t-shirt, and she thought it was so cool. She also said I was so sweet, then I just heard a man say “Picture” and Hillary like guided me between her and Dave, and when they took the picture she smiled and when they had taken it she just stroke my back and kept on talking about how nice it was to meet me.

Then I asked if she had seen her present, and she said no, and I told her that I got her the same t-shirt she was like “REALLY??? YAAAY! I will totally wear it!! and I got another hug, she is so sweet. Then I had to go, so I managed to walk straight in the door and I heard laughter behind me, then I heard “hey sweetie your purse”. Yes, I walked in a door and altmost forgot my purse. My cousin and Sandra who waited outside laughed so much.. and we just headed fast into the arena so we could get some of the good places. I was like three people from the stage, but got placed at the side. Not in the middle of the stage. So I was kind of unlucky when it came to taking pictures. I had like 3 cameras, and was just aloud to use one of them, because the STUPID security yelled at me like 2 times for using “to good cameras” he should have known only one of them where good. And all the others used more professional cameras than I had. But the security somehow just hated me, so I didn’t get a lot of pictures and didn’t get to film the whole concert as I planned to do. I ended up with some mobile phone videos and my cousin managed to take some mobile phone videos. But enough about the stupid  Swedish Security.

I don’t remember the whole set list in which order the songs came.. sorry, but I do remeber what songs they sang, but not the order of it. Forgot.. to busy crying and being starstruck.

The whole concert started with Jaime Meyer who opened, he is Swedish so he was at home on stage. I had heard some songs at his website before the concert, to be a nice girl and sing along. I sang along to two of his songs. When he finished it was a little bit of waiting for Lady Antebellum, the crew where like rigging the stage and they played some music at the stereo to keep us entertained. THEN, the band finally came on stage, I was like in cloud nine when I saw Chris sit down by his drums. And FINALLY, “Own The Night” started and the three wonderful human beings of Lady Antebellum entered the stage and people went crazy singing along. It really warmed my heart. After that they sang Starts Tonight and Dave came to my end of the stage and looked at me and smiled when he saw I knew the lyrics. They continued with Perfect Day and Charles and Hillary saw me in the audience and eye contact and smiled. Then Charles started talking and was like “screw the setlist, let’s just go away from it today, it’s the last concert in Europe” and Hillary was just looking at him and looked a bit surprised. He talked to us fans a little bit, then Hillary sang “As You Turn Away” and I cried like a baby. You can see that the lyrics to that song has a huge impact on her and with so much emotion and so flawless. This was one of the best songs Friday night. That is why Hillary is my role model.

They contined a little bit more with the band, and the songs “Wanted You More”, “Dancing Away With My Heart”, “Our Kind Of Love” and somewhere in between Charles sent the whole band off stage and Dave, Hillary and himself started a little acoustic session where they sang “All We’d Ever Need” and WOW what an performance. That song is like better live than on the album. They talked about, or Charles talked about how that was the first song they wrote and how they all met and so on. They sang “When You Got A Good Thing” and haha I can’t remember which other songs they sang acustic, I where still drying my tears from “As You Turn Away”. Then the band came back in and “Hello World” got sung. The piano came in as well and “Just A Kiss” started. There where som Chillary moments there I sure can say. The band also came closer to stage and they sang “American Honey”. Then one of my favorites “Love This Pain” came on, and Charles came up to the side of the stage at my side. My cousin who where sitting at the side got a little bit shocked when he all of a sudden climbed up in front of her and started to walk on the “fence”. Then Sandra took his hand and helped him, because he was altmost falling as he was balancing on the “fence” then he took my hand and held it for like the whole chorus. And then their bodyguard came and helped him back on stage, as he was still holding mine and Sandra’s hand as he balanced back on stage. That was SO AMAZING! Then they sang “Lookin’ For A Good Time” and Dave was at my side again and still smiling as I sang along. We had like eye contact 50 times during the concert. And he was smiling. But I will not forget when they sang “I Run To You” and he let go of his guitar and pointed at me when they sang “Run to YOU” and I sang back at him. When they sang “Love don’t live here anymore” it was like he came back to my side of the stage to make sure I was singing along. Gotta love him. They ended it all with “Need You Now” after a long clapping and MORE MORE MORE MORE shouts from us fans. It was so amazing. I think they sang 14 songs at the concert, but not quite sure. I was like very busy being starstruck, staring at “my boyfriend, the drummer” dancing, getting steppet at and fangirling and singing along. And get annoyed by the strickt Swedish security man.

This concert and experience is like beyond the most wonderful and seriously best concerts I’ve ever been to. The contact Lady Antebellum got with their fans, the glow they have on stage, their perfect. And to mention all their singing. It’s so flawless. They sing in perfect tune and their harmonies are even better live. They create MAGIC on stage. I can say so much, but words are not enough. I hope they come back to Europe on their next tour, because I need another Lady Antebellum concert.

After the concert, when we where about to walk back, I saw Jill with the busses, so I just had to go and say hi. She is like the most beautiful person ever. I got a picture with her aswell.

I met 5 beautiful human beings that night, but only got pictures with 4 of them. Next time if  I see Chris, I’ll ask for a picture.. if they ever come backt to Europe for a tour.

I will picture spam you all with the concert pictures tomorrow. Not that much pictures, but here is the picture of me and Jill, thanks to Alexis for fixing the red eyes.

The wonderful Jill and me. She is one of the most wonderful persons ever.

This is btw how my feet looked after the concert, being stepped at a LOT of times. But totally worth it, though I’m altmost sure I have broken a toe..haha.

So that is what I can tell about my Lady Antebellum experience. It was soooo wonderful. I’ll upload pictures tomorrow, and try to make a video of what I managed to film.

Charles, Hillary, me and Dave. I meet three of the most wonderful people on planet Earth

Charles, Hillary, my sweet wonderful little cousin Jenny and Dave ❤

And getting back to the Hotel and findin out Lady Antebellum follows me on twitter, was worth the bleeding feet which three days later still hurts. Haha, bleeding feets, Chillary readers..got it?? (not saying more).

FØLGER DEG = Follows You



2 Responses to “Owned The Night in Stockholm # 2”

  1. Owned The Night…. | Miss Musical Queen Says:

    […] hoder bak, men fikk øyekontakt med Dave en del ganger osv. Dere kan lese mer om konserten HER, HER og HER, for vil ikke plage dere som ikke liker Lady […]

  2. Hanna/ Hanny Says:

    I can read this over and over. It´s so cool I also got a tshirt like that! I sleept in mine and still does. I got the purple braclett & a keychain. U are so lucky to M&G them. I wanted to do that to but I never figured out how to do so, because I became a member of the Lady A site at the 23rd July. But next time I really hope to meet them. That night was so magical and I had the best time of my life seeing them live!

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