2 days, Pre-Concert-Nerves…


When that arrived in my e-mail I was over myself with joy! I cried, I laughed and I sort of died for like 30 minutes. I hyperventilated and I posted a really charming picture of myself on Instagram:

Yeah, I looked like that when I saw the e-mail. My cousin and Sandra who is coming with me also got M&G, but my cousin doesn’t know yet. I tell you the whole story of that when I get home from Sweden and Lady Antebellum concert. I just need to practice breathing and remember to speak English. Then I think I’ll be all good. Let’s hope I don’t faint in front of Hillary, Charles and Dave. That would be so typical me.
I have stared at the e-mail like for 2 hours straight every day since I got it. Checking it’s still there when it’s morning. I have had like 2 weeks with not really good sleep, nervous for the flight tomorrow, aching because of my arthritis and just exited for the concert. And exited that Lady Antebellum has been in the same timezone as me for sometime.

Today they are in Norway, tomorrow they are standing on stage in Seljord at the Country Festival there. I wish I was going there aswell, but when you have no car and no clue on how to drive a car, and no one who actually would like an 7-8 hour road trip to a Country Festival (most of my friends are not Country people, they are rock, pop and Beliebers..yeah I know) we decided that Sweden was our last hope of ever getting to a Lady Antebellum concert. And tomorrow: STOCKHOLM here we come, and Friday!! Watch out Lady Antebellum, the crazy Norwegian person on the picture over here is so ready to sing along. Note: If I don’t faint and die at the Meet & Greet. My signs are ready, my outfit is really ready (Hope Hillary doesn’t kill me for wearing this top:)

“My Boyfriend Is The Drummer” yes, I know he is married to Hillary, but Friday, Chris Tyrrell is my boyfriend:P haha

I will not post my signs yet, I’ll might post them on Friday right before the concert. So, tomorrow I’ll be leaving, and I promise: LADY A TEAM NORWAY will be updating from Sweden. And there might be a video-blog. Just hang in there.

-V (wich will be my new nickname from now on, Thank you Alexis!)


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