European tour kicks off in Dublin tonight!

So, first of all, I was wrong (embarresed) but Daves birthday, his 30th birthday was July 5th and not 4th. Just needed to correct that one.

So, tonight the Lady Aers in Dublin are having their time of their lives seeing the wonderful Hillary, Charles and Dave on stage. The first of the concerts in Dublin kicks off tonight and on twitter we have read tweets from lots of exited fans. I must say, I’m so exited for them. My plan in first place was going to Dublin to see both of the Lady Antebellum concerts, staying at my best friends house. But, she came home to Norway and so I got tickets to Stockholm and Sweden in stead. It’s probably just for the best, or I would go around in Dublin like a paranoid Lady Aer.

I just want to say to all the fans in Europe: THEY’RE FINALLY HERE! And I’m so exited for all of you who gets M&G and are going to the concerts. It’s like being there myself when all of you are so nice to share it on twitter. But, if any of you would like to share your experience and write longer, please e-mail me. I’ll post it here on this blog. You’d be guest blogging and get credit for it. E-mail to ladyateamnorway (at)

17 days until my first Lady Antebellum concert in Stockholm-Sweden.




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