Live Chat & Wanted You More…

Thursday the lovely 3 had a live web chat with all the fans. They sat down and answered questions. For me it was the first webchat I’v ever seen like “like”, and it was awsome. I cried! It was a little bit short I think, so next time I hope they got an hour web chat, but then I probably cry more and need even more tissues. I used a whole package on Thursday to dry my tears…#LadyAerProblems as we tweet it. Also Hobbs came on, he is such a sweetheart of a dog. My dog actually went crazy when she saw him.

If you missed the live chat, here you go:

Off course the question came up: When does the video of “Wanted You More” come?? and now we know, June 29th it’s the day! But yesterday we got some Behind The Scenes video, and I can tell you, this video is going to be as great as “Need You Now”, this is going to be so amazing!! I can’t wait until Friday, and I cancelled all my plans just to go home and watch the video like 100 times. So I’m ready.

Lady Antebellum – Wanted You More (Behind The Scenes)



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