Fear of Flying…

Well, in 38 days this Lady Aer is going from Bergen-Norway to Stockholm-Sweden, with an airplane. The only problem is: I have a fear of flying, don’t know why and don’t know how I got it, but I have it. The only way my cousin, my friend and I are getting to Stockholm is by airplane. We could have chosen the train, but none of us where really excited to spend 15 hours in a train and especially not when we’re arriving in Sweden the concert day. All 3 of us really want to arrive the day before, so we can go to bed early and be really ready for our first Lady Antebellum concert. So, then it’s airplane with the Air Company Norwegian.

My cousin who is 14, she is not afraid of flying, so I hope I won’t give her the scare when she flies with me. Sandra is also afraid of flying, so we’re the two Lady Aers riding an airplane just for Lady Antebellum. True Lady Aers on tour.

I’m really looking forward to the concert, but inside I’m really afraid for the “ride” to the concert. That is wht we also have the Saturday (the day after the concert) in Sweden, so it won’t ruin my concert experience knowing I’m going home with an airplane the day after, but now I can enjoy the concert and knowing I won’t go home before Sunday!

Are you afraid of flying?



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