Follow Fridays

I know it’s Saturday, but I feel so bad I didn’t do #FF (Follow Friday/Follow Fans) on Twitter last night. But I wasn’t on my MacBook, just my cell and my cell sort of don’t co-oporate sometimes. There’s SO manye LOVELY Lady Aers on twitter . So nice to eachother and extremly dedicated. I love just sometimes sit down and read conversations between LadyAers on Twitter. Everyone is so loving and caring and just wishes everyone the best if one is going to a concert and so on. It’s really love between the LadyAers, so it shows how good of a role models Lady Antebellum are. They set an example of love and the LadyAers follow. I’m so happy to be one of them. They take good care of a Norwegian “newbie” fan. So, to the girls/boys I tweet with the most, here is my Follow LadyAers blog-post, because I love you guys:


This is just a shoutout to Lady Antebellum and their awsome team as well.


So, follow these people on twitter, because they are just wonderful.



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