Why I love Lady Antebellum…

This is my first personal blog-post, so don’t hold it against me. I though it might be fun for you to know who writes the blog and why I love Lady Antebellum so much.

I’m a girl who has always had music close to my heart, it was a world and still is a world I can escape to when something goes wrong. Since I started in school age 7 until I went out from Junior High when I was 15 I was bullied. I’ve always loved singing and still went to choir, even though the girls who bullied me went there as well. I changed choir, but then had so low self-confidence so I never took on any solos when they where offered.
I was bullied because I was a little bit chubby and not as skinny as the other girls. So when all the pop-starts became popular I always got picked on singing their songs. I was told I mocked the pop-starts and they would hate me if they knew a fat girl like me sang their songs. The only places I felt a little bit confident singing was at home and in the Church Choir. At one point I stopped singing. But two amazing singes from Norway gave me the spirit to listen to music and to sing for myself again. Maria Haukaas Mittet (known as Maria Haukaas Storeng) and Myrna Braza who is and always will be my role models as well.

Summer 2010 I heard a wonderful song on the radio “Need You Now”, so I turned this one up because of the start (the piano part) sounded so good. I thought the “Lady Antebellum” who they introduced on the radio was just Hillary, because she stated to sing, then Charles voice came in the “And I wonder if I ever cross your mind” part I was sold. I’m weak and always been weak for duets. I went online to look for this song to get it in iTunes. Then I also found “I Run To You”, and realized I’ve heard that one before, and got half of the song on my mp3 from the ACMs that I watched on TV late late one night. But NEVER remembered who sang it. So I was like over the top of happiness.

Getting in to the Lady Antebellum-world with Webisodes Wednesday etc, I found one new role model of my life, Hillary Scott. Her beautifulness from inside out and her voice and her way to sing the songs and really mean the lyrics, made me think: I might do that to.
I’ve been in musicals, but never got any huge lead parts, because I’m to afraid to sing out. I usually freak out before I sing because of stage-fright. Somehow I got trough it on stage, but now I’m doing better, thanks to Hillary inspiring me. Because of her I joined a choir this year, and have the time of my life singing. I have also been inspired to be a better person because of her.
Dave has inspired me to learn how to plat the guitar. Still practicing, but I don’t think I’ll ever have Dave’s skills though. He is how my dream man should be like, so is Charles. Sing a duet with him would be so awsome. He has one of the sexiest voices.

Lady Antebellum has inspired me to still keep up with music, still use my voice and still be in a choir and enjoy music with others. Hillary has inspired me to do charity work, sing with my heart and to write songs. Also, I’ve met so many amazing people LadyAers on twitter which lights up my day.

The fact that this Country trio and the awsome people around them makes Webisodes, tweets and keep fans so much informed, makes me love them all very much. Thank you Lady Antebellum for making my life so much better and thank you all Lady Aers for kind words and the fact that we all are such a great “communty” of fans and we all have a love and care for eachother.

I will ALWAYS be a Lady Antebellum fan, I’ll keep on supporting these people as long as thet make music, which I hope and pray will be forever. Because of them, my life changed, for the better and for the more exiting.


KelleyScott Haywood, my newly pimped guitar! Someday I hope to get it signed by the beautiful Lady Antebellum.

I’m also so exited for my first Lady Antebellum concert ever July 27th 2012. It will be something I’ll remeber my whole life.

This is my story, what is your story, why do you love Lady Antebellum?


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2 Responses to “Why I love Lady Antebellum…”

  1. Heidi Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that you were bullied in your upbringing, that must have been really hard. Can’t believe how cruel girls can be to each other!

    I also love to sing, I sang in a choir when I was little, but since then I haven’t sung in public, other than in a studio recording I did at my hen’s night (and some late night karaoke, that’s best forgotten ha ha). I sing all the time when driving, and of course for my to boys, but wish I had the courage to join a choir again.

    The first time a heard Lady A, I think it was in 2009, I came across a random blog, which had “Never alone” on the music playlist. I loved the song, searched Youtube for more songs, heard “I was here” and “Need you now”, and then fell completely in love with Lady A’s music.

    At once thought Lady A was just Hillary, have to say I didn’t notice Charles in “Never alone” and “I was here” at first. I also love the duets, and totally agree with you on Charles having one of the sexiest voices, e.g. the beginning of “Things people say”, oh my…

    Love your guitar by the way:-)

    • Lady A-Team Norway Says:

      It was really bad, but it kind off made me stronger. The bad part is that it has made me a little bir insecure about myself. But the best is that I know when to talk back now and how to read people better.

      I challange you to find a choir and join, it’s amazing to sing in a choir!

      Lady Antebellum is the best, love their lyrics..wish I came over random blogs with their music.

      Charles<3 Dave ❤ best men in Country music!

      Thank you, I also love KelleyScott Haywood;)

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