A Story Told With Lady A Songs…#1

Okay, this is just an idea I got in my head while I was walking my dog today. I sometimes get weird ideas outside walking my dog. It’s sort of letting songs tell a story. Even if the lyrics or videos isn’t just right for the story, some of it fits. If you get inspired to do a Lady A story based on songs, please send me an e-mail at ladyateamnorway @ gmail.com with the story and songs and I’ll post it. Please tell me if you want to be anonymous or to write your name.

Here is the first one:

Jenny and George, young people  meet in a bar, music is load but they instantly get a good tone and talk for a long time.

Days goes by and they become very good friends. After a movie night with some red wine, they finally express their feelings to eachother, a little drunk. But how will this effect their friendship?

Jenny and George gets married.

After 5 years, they hit a wall and the fighting starts. Will it last?

They make it through this fight and have their first child. But George starts to go out more and Jenny tries to hold on to their love.

Years go by, they split the care of their child, but after three years apart, they still have feelings for eachother.

They find eachother again, but then Jenny gets her heart broken again, this time forever.

Okay, this was a sad short-song-story. Do you have one, please e-mail me: ladyateamnorway @ gmail.com.

-Veronica S



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