Friday 13th…

I was so happy last night when I got home from work and meeting. In my room there was a package waiting for me, and when I saw where it was from, I instantly knew what it was. I’m SO READY for Lady Antebellm concert this summer. T-Shirt, Glowstick AND “Own The Night” cd. I’m so happy. If you don’t know, it is 40% discount on Lady Antebellum Merch in their online shop at Just today, Friday 13th of April.


You've got Mail, Lady A Mail...


Glowstick, T-Shirt and cd, so HAPPY! and SO ready to Lady A concert this summer.

Are you going to buy something in the Lady A online shop?

I got unlucky this Friday and managed to loose my wallet…so no shopping spread for me…

AND, on a Norwegian Country webside, Lady Antebellum is against Taylor Swift in a VOTE OF, please VOTE for Lady Antebellum HERE. Vote in Norwegian is called STEM. All you have to do i scroll down.

-Veronica S


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